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Profitable Business

Profitable Business

Today I come with a thoughtful article and both necessary. For some time talking to undertake as if undertaking was easy and was the solution to all our ills, which with snap your fingers and you had launched a project up and running. It would be a fantastic idea but the reality is something different …

We have been sold the idea that everyone can create a technological Startup and be the next Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg and, what is worse, if your business idea is not scalable (…) and … .this and another is not a good business idea.

Perhaps we should address the issue of undertaking from a more pragmatic point of view and with common sense. Today the priority for many people is to pay the bills and be a little happier every day. To achieve this goal you do not need a startup. All you need is to know how to find an idea that allows you to hire you and know auto-run correctly. The big difference is stop thinking so much to undertake big and create companies and more on how to convert what we know, what we have experienced or what we like to do in an activity that can make a living and make our employment.

Define a service or build a product and sell is the simplest form of self-employment. You just find the product or service that solves a problem and there are people willing to pay to fix it.

Sometimes it is something we do naturally, other times we can leverage our acquired knowledge, our experience working for others or something we enjoy doing and turn it into a revenue stream.

What is undertaking?

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with “address, undertake”. It is to start doing a certain thing, especially when it requires effort or work or when you have some significance or importance. Start a business, to undertake a mission …

Anyone can find a form of self-employment, from his knowledge; experience and skills and take the path of a form of profitable business.

The great Alfonso Alcantara @yoriento says “an entrepreneur is an autonomous glamor” and not without reason. Now it seems to have entrepreneurs in every corner and everyone wants to take without really knowing what it entails and without being minimally prepared for it.

Something important to know in advance that undertaking is not an easy path but do together, it changes everything. Try to surround yourself with people who have already taken the same steps that you are about to give, learn from their experience, their successes and mistakes. Be advised and never hesitate to ask. Support is important to move forward, I do not mean financial support, but human support. An environment of understanding, support and help enable you to face the challenges with greater energy and determination.

Before you jump into a risky adventure you should know what you’ll find:

  •     It’s not easy, you will spend moments of discouragement and exhaustion. You must know that it is completely normal, just always keep in mind your goal and do everything in your power to get it.
  •     No results are achieved today for tomorrow, in fact usually take twice what you had planned. Do not despair.
  •     The magic does not exist. Although you may have heard otherwise, there is no magic formula to win 1000 euros in two days. Everything requires effort, dedication and / or some investment.
  •     Customers do not come alone to the door of your house, you must attract. Looking information, learn from others, researches, tests … Never stop put instead of your prospect and what you would choose you as an option.

Keys to move forward and achieve your goals

  • You must be patient and consistent. The results did not arrive in two days, but perseverance, patience and determination to get what you want,
  • You should be able to go outside for customers. Especially the first few weeks or months, you should go look for them. Ervices you offer your products to TDO that you think you may need them. Eventually, word of mouth, your poscionamiento and other factors, will start coming to you live without much effort on your part.
  • You need interest in learning continuously. It has always spend part of your time and resources to learn what you think you can improve yourself as a professional.
  • You need contacts and strategic relationships. Make networking with clear objectives.
  • Establishes a plan of action. Defines objectives, strategies and actions to carry out to get them.
  • Manage your time. Put on a schedule to maintain a personal balance. At first this is difficult because you want to give everything to get your project forward. Try as far as possible d elo not exhaust all your strength in the early stages, because you run the risk of losing motivation and energy to continue and can make you leave early.

One idea, your idea can be a great idea and profitable, does not have to be the next Facebook or superstartup. Create an activity for which you paid and allows you to pay bills is probably one of the best options to minimize risks and take advantage of your knowledge, experience or relationships. It is best to start with a first step, try, see how it goes for a chance to try again if you mess that throw big and lose big, which would lose all possibility of get back up.

The reality on Startup

It is not a game, although we do believe that creating a startup is as fun as playing billiards or ping pong all day as investors line up to buy from the company 3 months.

The reality is quite different. When you’re in a startup, alone or with partners, you have to accept that you will probably have learn to live with the account in the red, sleepless, financed with credit cards your trip to the next round of investors, or may find that you have to make the difficult decision to close your project before you lose more money.

The same applies to the creation of small businesses. When done by or without minimal preparation or planning the wrong reasons, the dream of entrepreneurship falls under its own weight. Undertake, set up a business a company is not a cakewalk, you know where you’re getting into.

7 Qualities you need to Self-Employment

What qualities are necessary to achieve profitable form of self-employment? One of the main questions that many people are asking is what is needed to start a business.

Before entering into strategic details, business plans and finance the main thing would be to know oneself and ask Should I start a business? Do you want to really jump into the pool?

Starting a business is not for everyone and self-employment is very different from having a company behind you supports. These are the qualities that I think you should have if you want to adventure of self-employment …

  1. Flexibility

You go from relying on a single “customer”, ie your company have to get you life to have different customers and generate multiple revenue streams. You need to find some comfortable in chaos and in an unpredictable environment while you get to adapt quickly to changes.

  1. Leadership

In a company almost always you have guidelines or someone who tells you what you have to do. As a self-employed is you who sets the rules, priorities etc. Customers not alone arrive exceptions and require a dose of leadership to implement the plan of action drawn that allows you to attract customers and create a profitable business. You need to be able to recognize potential opportunities for collaboration, support or business and decide for yourself if an opportunity is suitable or not for you.

  1. Self-motivation

Self-employment can be a lonely journey and you need a good dose of self-motivation. The best motivation is to have a powerful reason for doing what you do and remember so every day, especially in times of low mood.

  1. Planning

As a self-employed professional I need to be able to plan and fulfill the layout plan. Dispersed or distracted is very easy and there are many temptations.

  1. Persistence

Self-employment is a journey full of constant challenges, almost almost like climbing the Himalayas. You need not abandon persist and the first change in order to achieve your goal. Some goals take a while until you see the fruits of your work, do not despair.

  1. Commitment

Start an activity requires a strong commitment to your goal to give 200% to the project. Keep your commitment requires large doses of energy and be very clear that normally entail an additional effort that can affect your environment.

  1. Resiliency

The Spanish Institute for Resilience (IER) defines resilience as the ability to cope with adversity by creating the psychological resources to emerge stronger and achieve a state of professional and personal excellence. Autoemplearte you need to overcome many challenges, obstacles besides face the incomprehension of other people or even your family. Moreover, it is much harder to take days off because there is nobody to replace you. Take a vacation, especially at the beginning, it is almost mission impossible.

This list of features does not intend to leave you with a negative feeling but you can help become aware of what it really entails and thus invite you to prepare and learn skills that are necessary for you to succeed in your project.

Even if you think big and to have a great company. Do not hesitate to start with a small form of self-employment, the case is to begin and you will have time to grow and become the CEO of something big. Or maybe you find that your place and hope was in a smaller way of business … Who knows …

If you started a form of self-employment I would love to hear about your experience and what you consider most important personal qualities for the daily development of your work.


Devendra Singh

Director, Content Strategy at Digital Marketing Trends. I develop, evaluate, and improve the company's content strategies. Providing a big online presence for SMEs and StartUps.