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Entrepreneur Tips Motivation Startup Strategies a First Time Entrepreneur Must Know

Entrepreneur Tips Motivation: Startup Strategies a First Time Entrepreneur Must Know

Besides the slow decay of the planet, here’s another inconvenient truth you must know – the business will fail before it succeeds. It appears as a negative statement, but it’s the truth.  Your business...
Business lessons

What not to do in business: 5 lessons you should learn

Even when companies have the passion, planning and intelligence needed to theoretically achieve success, they have simply fallen by the wayside as a result of internal and external problems.  There are, of course, certain...
Impostor Syndrome

What Is The Impostor Syndrome And How To Overcome It?

According to Dr. Valerie Young, seven out of 10 people suffer or have ever suffered from a disorder called “impostor syndrome”. According to Young, “Millions of women and men around the world, from successful...
Entrepreneurs Follow To Achieve Success

Essential Steps That Entrepreneurs Should Follow To Achieve Success

Consult other entrepreneurial leaders in our segment is vital to the success of our project The first step is to give the opportunity to our idea, sharing time with other entrepreneurs to see how...
Profitable Business

Self-Employment As A Way To Profitable Business

Today I come with a thoughtful article and both necessary. For some time talking to undertake as if undertaking was easy and was the solution to all our ills, which with snap your fingers...
Growth-Hacking at Startup

The 6 Steps Of Growth Hacking At Startup Part 2

Last week I started with this guide to implement growth hacking techniques on your startup, e-commerce or web. This week we will enter the field, and discuss the following two points, which in my...