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Link Baiting

Link Baiting

The Link Baiting is known to be a web positioning strategy that consists in obtaining inbound links through content. According to experts, SEO Link Baiting trend in 2017 will be above other SEO positioning strategies such as the case of Link building.

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Link Baiting, the great SEO trend

It is noteworthy that the Link baiting aims, obtaining inbound links using the content. The most important aspect of this technique is that it allows you to generate quality content that is ideal to be linked by other websites. Most SEO specialists consider that Link Baiting allows web pages to experience growth naturally, all through the generation of useful and interesting content for the visitor and more importantly, following the guidelines of Google to rank on your list.

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Other trends like the Link Baiting will be preferred by those charged web positioning, are social networks, mobile platform, local positioning and content marketing. In the specific case of local positioning, this is a strategy that is based on the use of words or key phrases geolocalizadas. It will not only be one of the SEO strategies used next year, will also be one of the most recommended techniques for SMEs.

Regarding the use of mobile devices in web positioning, the enormous importance of stands taken into account, since in the coming years, about half of all web traffic will be generated from mobile devices.

The goal of Link baiting is to increase the number of inbound links to published content and thus improve site performance in search engines. The most important element in this strategy is to create content that is highly attractive to the reader, something that offers value, including breaking news, shocking images, controversial topics, computer graphics, including educational materials and applications.

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If that content generated is valuable and useful to readers, they are more likely than that content is shared and thus get the links. But beyond the quality of content, strategy Link baiting is the creation of titles that capture immediately the attention of readers, and the development of mutual relations with other content generators.

The key to everything is that content has value, because if you often share links to content that offer nothing useful, the content itself may lose value, not only for readers but also for search engines.

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