SEO Tips: How to Make a Killer SEO Campaign That Really Works

SEO Tips How to Make a Killer SEO Campaign That Really Works

Have you ever wondered how to make a successful marketing campaign? Well the answer is SEO. 

SEO also known as search engine optimization is something you should totally consider researching and applying to your marketing strategy plan. And we are not just talking about a normal SEO plan, it has to be a killer, well-thought out SEO plan. Every campaign begins with a quality website, so if you haven’t optimized it for search engines; your chances for reaching success is very low.

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In today’s quickly evolving digital marketing world, SEO techniques often change on a dime – and the worst part is that you might not even know it. That is why it is necessary to stay on top of your game. Before we get started on how you can improve your website ranking, it’s important to take some time to test your current page ranking on search engine results. There are many free tools such as SERPS that help you determine your page ranking based on keyword search.

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At the end of the day, your goal is to make the results list here and then get closer to the top of the list. So let’s get you started with these killer tips that will help you out on your next SEO campaign:

  1. Define Your Goals and Strategy

Before you jump the gun, you must sit down, and take the time to plan it all out. Afterall, we all know the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The same goes for SEO campaigns. The first thing you should consider thinking about is how you’re going to define success and how you’ll measure progress toward those goals.

Goals should be thought thoroughly and be more realistic – obviously your goal is to be the top rank on Google, but unfortunately you need to dig deeper than just ranking on Google.

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Like thinking about what steps do I need to take in order to fulfill that goal – who are you trying to reach by ranking at the top of Google? Why am I trying to reach these people onto my website? How will I measure my progress and achievements related to my goals? These are just some things you need to consider when defining your goals and strategies.

  1. Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO, keywords are still really important factors of search engine marketing and SEO. But, the way you go about researching and optimizing around the has changed. Google’s algorithms such as Hummingbird and RankBrain are focused on interpreting the context of words used in a search query and what the purpose behind a query is. There are three main categories of search intent:

  • To learn more about the topic – people want to find out more information on a topic, the answer to a question or the solution to/cause of a problem. Try to be specific when choosing keywords to use, long tail informational keywords usually include words like “how to,” “do I need” or “what is”. Head keywords are typically informational keywords.
  • To evaluate their options – people who already know something about the topic those first searchers were looking for and are now weighing their options. They’re deciding which product or solution is right for them. The keywords these people typically use are phrases like “review”, “top 10”, “best”. They are use words like “cheap” and “deals”.
  • To complete an action – this can mean, making a purchase, signing up for a service or creating an account. These types of people know what they want and are ready to make it happen. Their goal is to directly land on the landing page.

The key to keyword research is not using the most competitive keywords out there, but to select those that can dominate, and will bring you’re the most traffic. Try to be specific when choosing keywords to use. So instead of using, “Miami Florida Nail Salon,” use, “Miami Florida Nail Salon Gel Nails” or “Miami Florida Best Nail Salon that offers Gel Nails”. This will help to draw in new traffic and customers that are looking for specific services in your area.

  1. Internal and External Link Building

Linking the pages within your site is most important for SEO. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s a great way to notify search engines robots to visit the other pages on your site. As a result, the most recent posts will get indexed.
  • When you do this technique, you are virtually letting the robots know about the most important pages on your website. Internal linking is a brilliant trick to connect your top pages by sending more links towards them.
  • Having links will also allow your viewers to stay longer on your website.

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It’s also very important that you are including external links from authoritative sites. When you offer expert sources, it allows your website to be more credible and shows you are aware of the authorities in your field.

  1. SEO Friendly Formatting

You better be including title tags, descriptions, post titles, and pictures on your website. It’s very essential for the search engine robots because that is the only way they can really understand what your website is really about. Based on this information, as well as the off-page SEO, the domain name, and the competition, they’ll put your website in a specific position within their indexes. To get into more detail:

  • Title Tag – Make sure you are making every page with its own unique title. This is great help for the bots and your visitors to understand the general topic of your website.
  • Descriptions – This is basically the information listed below your domain name in the search bar. So with that, it’s very necessary to create an eye-catching, up to 150 characters, and unique write up for every single page. This is just an easy opportunity for you to advertise your product and/or service before all else!
  • Formatting – Make sure you are highlighting the most important parts by bolding or underlining them. Try to avoid long, run on sentences and try to not use big walls of text and keep the paragraphs to a maximum of 3 to 4 lines.
  • Photos – If you decide to use any photos on your page, make sure you are always adding keyword friendly ALT tags, and most importantly make sure they don’t slow down your website!
Download PDF – SEO Tips: How to Make a Killer SEO Campaign That Really Works

Start your campaign with the above 4 steps into creating the best killer SEO campaign. When you do all of this, you are on your way to success! Good luck!


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