Startup Business Ideas: 6 Types of Businesses You Can Start With No Cash

Startup Business Ideas 6 Types of Businesses You Can Start With No Cash

Business is an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged either for goods or money. 

There are certain things that every business must have to operate its activities. These include some form of investment and customers to whom you can sell the output on a consistent basis to make a profit. Businesses can be privately owned, not-for-profit or state-owned.

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If you have no cash but you want to start your business then following are the six ideas that can help you in this regard:

1- Personal Creations

If you are good in arts, then another way through which you can start your business is by making and selling handmade gifts. This can help you raise extra money other than your pocket money. Arts and crafts can be a great option if you are good in it. You can sell your works of art with an investment of nothing more than art supplies and your own time.

2- Online Retailing

Have you ever thought of buying some products from the wholesale market and selling them off online? Facebook Ads are the easiest way to find customers. Think what people around you might be looking for and you can find it at a wholesale rate.

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3- Event Organizer

Starting small company which organizes event could be a good idea, but here you may need special expertise and workforce for the same. Proper event management planning is vital for any successful event.  An organizer can perform a number of important functions, such as helps secure permission for the event to proceed, provides a roadmap for the event to all stakeholders, ensures we consider all relevant angles during planning, ensures we don’t overlook anything, provides support during the event and acts as a key decision-support tool during the event and also provides a solid outline for staff briefing.

4- In-home Services

Home care services include help with daily tasks such as meal preparation, medication reminders, laundry, light housekeeping, errands, shopping, transportation, and companionship. There are certain departments that can provide homemaker and personal care assistance to eligible individuals who are receiving Supplemental Security Income or who have a low income and need help in the home to remain independent.

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5- Cleaning and Skill-based services

The start-up investment is nearly zero in this business. But if some clients prefer that you use their products, even then the investment is very reasonable. Another business that can be started without any investment is that in which skills are involved. You may repair something and get the reward in return. Once the business is established, you can purchase the required equipment to enhance it. In the case, you need a little capital for this so here is a link that can be of great help.

6- Caretaker

Another business that you can start with low investment is that of the caretaker. For it, you just have to get some courses done after which you can work. When hired as a caretaker you at times just have to look after that person, but sometimes the duty extends and one has to make sure that the other person’s things and home is fine too.

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All the ideas mentioned above are simple and you would need little to no capital for them. I hope it helps you out. Have a great day!


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