Steve Jobs Knew The Apple Watch

Steve Jobs Apple Watch

Steve Jobs Apple Watch

Steve Jobs was a very important within Apple character and much of the success currently enjoyed by the company, it has to do with many of the decisions and visions that Jobs did.

One of the most popular products of the company is the Apple Watch smart watch, which was launched shortly after Steve Jobs died, a fact that for some raises the question of whether Jobs was working on this device or if Apple actually cook the project on its own.

Apple Watch and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the first mobile high important that Apple has launched without Steve Jobs figure as part of the development team. However, one of the closest partners Jobs has revealed that in fact, Steve already had knowledge that your partner Jony Ive already working on developing a smart watch. However it has not been able to determine how much Steve Jobs knew Apple’s plans for the introduction of this smart watch, besides those responsible began not shape the project until after Steve Jobs died.

Many believe that Steve actually known what was only an idea that appeared at a specific time, but then the plans have not materialized to make it happen. Chances are that the partners had discussed his ideas Jobs to create a smart watch, it’s never revealed its intention to make the device as eventually happened. This could be the reason why Apple did not begin to develop the clock until months after the death of Jobs.

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Of course neither Jobs nor the partners would have imagined that the finished and released, product sales would reach a figure of 21 million units in its first year alone.

What makes this really interesting device does not have much to do with its design, but with additional features and functions offered by users of IOS devices. For example, users can receive and respond to notifications instantly keep track of all your activity, make or receive short calls, even transfer them to iPhone to have longer conversations, plus access to multiple applications training for the user you stay healthy and in good shape.


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