Summer, A Sea Of Opportunities For Your Business Online

Summer sea of opportunities

Although many insist on saying no, the summer is a very profitable for an online business period.

I have some actions you can take if you have an online business regardless of your products or services are or not closely related to the summer.

In all, keep in mind that in summer it seems everything slows down, it seems that everyone has head elsewhere less at work, in their business or professional activities … Ponte instead of your potential customer and treats think like him, what interests and what you want these months of good weather, pool, beach and terraces.

Only in this way, you’ll make a little hole in the summer.

Perform special offers and promotions

Even if your business does not sell products or services typically summery, with a little imagination you can create the need for you to buy just in summer.

Limited to the typical “summer special offer” sometimes gives results, but also you can blow your imagination and make something more original.

Reflect on some persuasive, cool and inviting approach to draw the attention of your potential customers.

If you sell courses (online or classroom), it occurs to me to do a workshop or “special summer intensive course” in which the end attendees can enjoy a pecking red summer or beer in hand.

A partnership with a brand or product more summery can give very good results. Provide a collaborative pack, a joint event …

You can invent a draw summer to get emails from your pubic target in order to offer them something from September.

You can make a weekly or monthly supply of any product or service to maintain the interest of your users.

Simple, Fresh and Attractive Content

Internet does not close in August (or July) and, therefore, you have a great opportunity to get you lean, visit your site and look for you.

In these months you can address issues that can be read anywhere, pool, beach or poolside snack bar. easy and entertaining content, written in more relaxed tone of what you usually write.

It does not try to put yourself to write a post about the best gin and tonic if you have a blog restoration, tourism or cooking.

It is innovative with your content and play songs that perhaps would not touch but you can contextualize them within your usual themes.

If your target audience is business and entrepreneurs, it occurs to me: “The holiday destinations of entrepreneurs”, “Rest in summer and prepares September,”

I recommend these recommendations Eli Romero, it sure gives you many clues about what you can write.

Activity on Social Networks and Special Summer Newsletter

Some brands and professional “throw the blind” and advance notice that they will do, cease their activity in social networks and e-mail communication.

Actually, this is neither good nor bad, it is a personal matter of each, what has worked in other years, circumstances of each type of business needs …

As to whether or not the brand affects, opinions of all kinds, I think everyone should find the way to do that suits you and not worry about what others are doing or what is right or it is not .

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there are many intermediate options, from automating much of the publications to make minimal activity, ie, reduce the number of publications but maintain that presence in social networks to keep that contact with followers.

There are ways to keep your activity on social networks in summer without dying in the attempt.

With sending emails occurs the same, there are all kinds of opinions. What I believe is that it costs nothing minimally communicate with your list of subscribers that you worked so hard to achieve. Non saturarles while you keep in touch, you can send fewer emails and create appropriate content to the time when we are to make it easy to read, but do not forget them and suddenly want to offer an oversupply around holidays. It would not be logical.

Do not abandon your email marketing strategy in summer, your business, thank you.

Initiate Contact with other Brands or Professional

Yes Yes. As you read, not all businesses, no longer have online activity 2 or 3 months that lasts the summer. Moreover, precisely because of the decrease in activity, may be the perfect time to contact them because they are more relaxed, inboxes have less saturated with email and are usually more receptive mentally.

Summer can be a great time to get collaborations. If you are one of those who think that summer is a dead time, try to send emails during these months to get professional synergies or collaborations and then tell me.


Devendra Singh

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