Top 20 SEO Trends in 2020 To Boost Your Organic Traffic

Top 20 SEO Trends in 2020 To Boost Your Organic Traffic

SEO is evolving fast, so keep updated with the latest SEO trends to stay ahead of the competition. 

Finding the latest Google search algorithms and trends to rank up your website is not a difficult task. But, its implementation is where you might struggle to strike a chord and for that, you might think for an SEO services agency.

So, to help you make an informed decision, here are the latest SEO trends list that will transform the way you look at marketing. But, before that, let’s take a look at what SEO is.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality & quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of website pages with the help of keywords and content optimization to users of a web search engine.

List of SEO Trends in 2020 To Grow Your Business:

SEO Trend 1: High-Quality & Optimized Content

High Quality Optimized Content

Source: SEO Copywriting: How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

SEO Trend 2: E-A-T & Your Unfair Advantage


Source: What is E-A-T? (and Why It’s SO Important for SEO)

SEO Trend 3: BERT & User-Focused Optimization

BERT Google Latest Algorithm Update

Source: Google Bert: Google Latest Algorithm Update

SEO Trend 4: UX & UI Optimization

UX & UI Optimization

Source: The Difference Between UX And UI Design – A Layman’s Guide

SEO Trend 5: Technical SEO Optimization

Technical SEO Optimization

Source: The technical SEO hierarchy of needs

SEO Trend 6: Mobile SEO Optimization

Mobile SEO Optimization

Source: How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile SEO

SEO Trend 7: Structured Data & Rich Snippets

Structured Data & Schema Markup

Source: Structured Data: Better SEO With Schema Markup

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SEO Trend 8: Entity & Knowledge Graph Optimization

Knowledge Graph Optimization

Source: Google Knowledge Graph – A Complete Guide

SEO Trend 9: Websites Optimize for Voice Search

Voice Search Optimization

Source: How to Optimize for Google Voice Search and Get Extra Website Traffic

SEO Trend 10: Brand Building Best Practices

SEO for Brand Building

Source: Why Your SEO Focus Should Be Brand Building

SEO Trend 11: Create Video Content for Better Encouraging Conversion

Video Content SEO

Source: Video SEO: The Ultimate Guide

SEO Trend 12: Creating Visual Content

Creating Visual Content SEO

Source: How Visual Content Affects SEO

SEO Trend 13: Link Building Tactics

SEO Link Building Tactics

Source: LINK BUILDING FOR SEO: The Definitive Guide (2020)

SEO Trend 14: Focus on Visibility, Not Just Blue Links

SEO Focus on Visibility

Source: 70% SEO Visibility Increase by Doing Content Optimization

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SEO Trend 15: Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO Optimization

Source: Local SEO Checklists & Search Ranking Factors

SEO Trend 16: Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Source: Page Speed: How it impacts your SEO and how to improve it

SEO Trend 17: Influencers Should Be Leveraged for SEO

Source: How Influencers Power Your SEO: Content and Collaboration Tips

SEO Trend 18: Secure Websites Are a Must

Secure Website SEO

Source: HTTP to HTTPS: An SEO’s guide to securing a website

SEO Trend 19: Publishing Research Content

Publishing Research Content

Source: The 30 Best Content Research Tips That Will Make You More Influential

SEO Trend 20: Encourage Comments & Community Building

Encourage Comments & Community

Source: Why Blog Comments Are Great for Google SEO and Users

So that’s how we’re preparing for SEO in 2020.

Now we want to turn it over to you: Which above strategy are you going to implement first for your website? and would you like to add any other trend in this list?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below right now.


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