Top Trends in Digital Marketing to follow in 2020

Top Trends in Digital Marketing to follow in 2020

Marketing is all about getting your business connected with the audience at the right time. People spend a lot of time online and it is obvious that the world is going digital. 

Many marketing trends work well with digital platforms. Many digital marketing trends like data-driven marketing, artificial intelligence, and voice search engine optimization are among the top list for many of the business owners in 2020.

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The business owners should be able to adapt their marketing trends that suit the latest trends to become famous among the audience. A Digital marketing company guides you with various trends in digital marketing so that your business can succeed online. Online marketing efforts are related to digital marketing and many businesses should follow the latest digital marketing trends to experience the advantages of digital marketing.

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Digital marketing refers to online marketing efforts. Many businesses have experienced the advantages of digital marketing. To incorporate digital marketing trends, here are a few marketing trends in 2020 that would guide your business to survive and go through the age of innovation.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is the year where there is a lot of people govern with artificial intelligence. It is at the heart of global business in the future. It has already been into simple jobs. For example, Uber makes use of Kinght scope K5 robots, for parking lots. The robots will be able to read license plates to be able to report suspicious activity and collect data to report to their owners. Artificial Intelligence is being adopted in business for the following reasons:

  1. AI can analyse search patterns and consumer behaviour. It can make use of data from many social media platforms and blog posts to help the business to understand the way customers react to their services and products.
  2. Chatbots are an appropriate example of AI. It uses natural language processing software to decrypt the customer requirement and respond appropriately like a real person.
  3. AI would soon be the driving force for all services, and it has been successfully been implemented in many areas like basic communication, product recommendations, content creation, email personalization, and e-commerce transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

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2. Programmatic Advertising

This uses AI to automate ad buying to target more specific audiences. One example of programmatic ad buying is real-time buding. This automation is more effective and faster that leads to higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. Programmatic advertising works in the following way:

Step 1 – Someone clicks on the webpage

Step 2 – The webpage publisher puts up the ad impression for auction

Step 3 – The marketplace ad holds an auction among the advertisers that competes for the impression

Step 4 – The advertiser who bids for the more impression wins the right to display the ad

Step 5 – The ad gets delivered to the prospective customer

Step 6 – Once the ad gets delivered to the prospective customer, the customer clicks on the ad and the advertiser converts them into a sale and business is bound to get profit.

3. Chatbots

The most important digital marketing trends in 2020 is the chatbot. This is an AI-based technology that makes use of instant messaging. It chats in real-time at any time of the day. Many customers wish to interact with chatbots that are responsive and available round the clock. It provides prompt answers, be able to recall your full browsing history and never loses patience. These are virtual assistants that provide outstanding customer service aims to meet customer expectations and automate repetitive tasks. Many businesses make use of chatbot technology to ensure that they get more responses in their business.


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4. Conversational Marketing

The reality of the current marketing is more conversational. People prefer it in a specific way and hence the brands are more reacting. When a customer has a question, they prefer immediate response. Conversational marketing provides one-to-one and real-time connection between the marketer and customer. This kind of marketing is now available across many channels that allow brands to interact with customers on their terms and conditions. The main goal of conversational marketing is to increase the user experience. This is done through a feedback-driven model that raises higher engagement and great loyalty.

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5. Personalization

To stand out in your business during the year 2020, you need to personalize your marketing. This would include personalized content, emails, products, etc. Personalized and triggered emails attract more customers to your business.

6. Video Marketing

One of the most popular and important digital marketing trends is video marketing. It is likely to continue over the years. Video marketing is important for the following points:

    1. Many customers share a brand’s video
    2. Many businesses have proved that video has increased their conversion rate
    3. Many customers have shared their views saying that watching product videos give them confidence in the online purchase

Video Marketing

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Video is a popular channel where customers can learn about their products. One more shift is the usage of mobile devices. Watching video has become quite handy. When a website contains videos, there are more chances to drive organic traffic as compared to text. This is because people find video content more convincing and Google pushes pages that include videos with high rank. Video marketing makes it easy for content reformatting.

7. Influencer Marketing

This is word-of-mouth marketing. It focuses on using key leaders to multiple your brand message to a large market. Influencers can be well know people, Instagram or YouTube personalities who are likely to spread the word about your business or product through various social channels. Influencer marketing is more authentic than corporate advertising. Many customers trust influencer’s opinions on the products than what the brand says.

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8. Social Messaging Apps

Billions of users are active on Facebook messenger and billions of messages are sent between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger every month. The same is the case with WhatsApp. There are billions of users and messages keep flooding the platform. Since people spend more time in social messaging apps, it does make sense to market your brand and services at the place where your potential customers hang out. These apps send messages to customers directly as they allow personalization and provide added value to the user experience.

Social Messaging Apps

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9. Micro-Moments

A micro-moment refers to situation where a person goes to a device to act on a requirement whether to know, do, go, or buy. Instant decisions are made using these micro-moments. To get the most of micro-moments in 2020, you should be in the place where customers search for information at the specific moment. In short, marketers should be there, be useful, and be quick. Marketers should rethink the linear marketing funnel that follows awareness, consideration, and decision.

10. Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Voice search is being-ion the rise and it becomes important for the companies to include this in the marketing trend. It is indicated that almost 50% of the search is through voice. Voice search has an important role to provide all the relevant information that people search for through the audio content. Adopting a voice search strategy creates a unique and optimized customer experience that increases brand loyalty. Many brands have already.


For anyone involved in digital marketing, changes would be an integral part. You should look ahead and incorporate new technologies, strategies, and tools to gain an advantage over your competitors. 

General FAQs

What is a digital trend?

Digital Trends is a technology news, lifestyle, and information website that publishes news, reviews, guides, how-to articles, descriptive videos and podcasts about technology and consumer electronics products.

What does digital marketing include?

The major components of digital marketing are: Internet Marketing – Website, SEM (search engine marketing – includes SEO and Pay per click advertising), smartphones, mobile markets (i.e. Google Play, Apple Store), email marketing, online banner advertising and Social Media.

What are the basics of digital marketing?

Before you decide to invest your time and resources in strategizing, it is important that you understand the digital marketing basics regarding the various platforms. An effective marketing strategy can incorporate a variety of components like: Website design. Search engine optimization.


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