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Metro Ethernet Service

We are familiar with the terms internet, intranet, and Ethernet. Each of them serves the basic purpose of connecting to the network to allow people to share and transmit information.

Enterprises use internet and Ethernet connections for network connectivity. LAN and WAN are a part of the network, depending on the preferences of the enterprise!

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Similar to the concept of Ethernet, Metro Ethernet has gained popularity over time. As the name suggests, Metro Ethernet connects LANs separated by a distance and also connects the WANs or backbone networks owned by the service providers.

A group of offices in one region can use the same Ethernet network to connect to the internet. Since it first began in the cities (metros), the network model came to be known as Metro Ethernet or MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). This turned out to be a cost-effective move for the enterprises in the network, that too, without having to compromise on data security and quality of the internet connection.

Metro Ethernet

The numerous other advantages of using Metro Ethernet Service have helped enterprises in reducing their cost of operations. MAN is also known as MEN (Metro Ethernet Network), and some service providers have extended similar services for WAN (Wide Area Network) too. One of the best things about MAN is that it can be used by residential, commercial, educational, institutional, and governmental organizations that are located in the same region.

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Ethernet in enterprises is used mainly for two reasons. One is to connect to the internet at large, and another is to connect to the other branches/ offices through LAN extension. The network provides point to point or point to multipoint connectivity services for enterprises.

Advantages of Metro Ethernet

With an increase in demand for high-speed reliable internet connection, MAN has provided enterprises with a feasible option to stay connected with the world at large while also staying connected with other branches, offices, data centers, and cloud platforms. Below listed are some of the advantages of using metro Ethernet for business enterprises.

  • Cost-effective

    • Metro Ethernet Network is relatively simple and doesn’t require any complex or costly infrastructure/ equipment. This reduces the cost of investment, the cost of upgrading, and the cost of maintaining the network. Enterprises can get quality services at less price.
  • Flexible

    • MAN is highly flexible as it supports an array of services and transports. With a flexible bandwidth, enterprises have the choice to upgrade or downgrade as per their requirements.
  • Reliable

    • The task of maintaining the network rests with the service provider. They measure the performance of the network, identify problem areas, track connection failures, and find solutions to any issues that arise when using the network. The network updates can be done remotely from a central location.
  • Scalable

    • Whether an enterprise wants 1Mbps speed or 1 Gbps speed, whether it wants to connect to one point or a multitude of locations, it is possible without having to invest in any additional equipment or new connections. The same network connection can be used for any speed and any number of connections.
  • Quality

    • Metro Ethernet Network supports QoS features such as marking, queuing, scheduling, policing, and classification. This makes it easy to manage the network by both enterprises and service providers.
  • Ease of Use

    • It is easy to add or remove a connection from the network. Installation doesn’t take much time, and enterprises can start using the network soon after. The entire network model is less complex compared to WAN and other networks.
  • Risk Management

    • There is more control over the network which allows enterprises to reduce failures by isolating network gateways. By placing partitions at strategic places in the network, enterprises can ensure that the entire network doesn’t get disrupted if one area is having failures.
  • Cloud Connectivity

    • MAN can be used to connect to private cloud service providers and data centers. Using a secure Ethernet connection, enterprises can be assured of data safety while transmitting confidential information from one point to another through the network.
  • Single Connection- Independent Functions

    • All functions run independently despite being connected on a single chassis. This allows enterprises to share common resources but maintain their individual network connections. Speed, data security, and bandwidth are not compromised when using MAN.

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Types of Metro Ethernet Service

Be it point to point, point to multipoint, or multipoint to multipoint, Metro Ethernet services are provided through the following methods:

  • Dedicated Ethernet Access
  • Ethernet Private Line- Point to Point
  • Multipoint to Multipoint Ethernet
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Lines

Service providers customize the services to suit the requirements of each enterprise. They also provide continuous technical support to ensure that the network is regularly updated and is free of glitches at all times.

General FAQs

What is Metro Ethernet service?

Metro Ethernet is an Ethernet transport network that provides point-to-point or multipoint connectivity services over a metropolitan area network (MAN). Metro Ethernet can connect two sites or hundreds of sites. Connect residential subscribers or businesses to the Internet.

Why is Metro Ethernet popular?

The faster data packets are transferred in and out over your Internet connection, the better the quality of service. Metro Ethernet provides one of the best platforms for data transfer which makes it a top choice for manufacturers, professional firms, and service providers alike.

How do Ethernet services work in the WAN?

Any LAN/BN traffic must be translated or encapsulated into a new protocol and destination addresses are generated for the new protocol. This takes time, slowing network throughput.


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