Why Should You Create Online Courses in 2021?

Create Online Courses

Are you an education provider? Probably you don’t know how to share your knowledge with others, make money and at the same time enjoy! If you found yourself in the previous sentence then don’t worry as I am here to open all the secrets for you. Just don’t be afraid to start as it could become the key to your success.

The number of users on online educational platforms has overgrown. Many smart people use this time to get the latest information over the internet instead of using social media, creating videos, or sharing useless pictures and stories on social media. 

Why Should You Create Online Courses in 2021? Share on X

Time is a crucial thing, so try to get as much information as you can, because nowadays you have the opportunity the past generations didn’t have just a few decades ago. And especially you have that opportunity to share your knowledge with others making life kinder and students- more intelligent.

At the very beginning, let’s repeat and remember all the advantages online teaching gives us. These are also proving why you should have video classes.

  • Firstly, people save their time. A person living these days is too busy to have courses after work. Why waste time being on public transport or driving in a city full of traffic if you can spend it reasonably?

So, people prefer to buy online courses and learn wherever and whenever they find it appropriate: after work, on the way home, during the breaks, while drinking a coffee, and so on. If there are so many people who like to learn in their comfort zone, then why don’t you think about how to create and sell courses from your own website.

  • Video classes are available whenever and wherever you want. As I have already mentioned, you can watch it even on your way home and even late at night. In this way, you save your time and do not spend your energy on the road.

  • It’s cheaper than traditional classes or training by Zoom or Skype. It is accepted to pay for instructors to spend their classes. However, online courses are better options to focus on because you buy a course cheaper without losing quality.
  • This allows students to repeat the same class repeatedly if there are unclear questions. Besides, once bought course is always available for the audience and they may watch it again and again. 
  • Students or educators with disabilities prefer online courses because it is impossible to be in a bad situation due to bullying. Yet, sometimes people with disabilities cannot even go out of the home but this doesn’t make them less qualified. They may buy online courses and learn from home. 

Now just think! Many students worldwide are waiting for you because you can be their source of motivation, the start of their new profession, and maybe a good life. There are plenty of reasons why you need to create your own courses but at first, listen to your heart! If there is a desire to go on and start a new form of career then you will find that power to make it real.

Everybody has something to teach.

There is no need to be a polyglot or have good computer skills because everyone has interests and abilities. Maybe you are not good at math, but you are a good barber and can teach your students everything connected with this field. Almost everything can be turned into a course. Write down a list of the things you can do and then choose the most appropriate one.

Research shows that the top-selling courses include gardening courses, bread-making courses, and smth like this. So, keep in mind that there should be at least one thing you do well and there are a lot of people who would like to learn it from you. Do not miss your chance to go forward.

Comparing with traditional classes, this is more and more convenient.

You only need to do it once and enjoy it always. Once it’s done, it’s done, and there is no need to do it again (of course, if you don’t need profound changes). So, this helps you save your time and make money, giving others the opportunity to have a new profession with less money in the most comfortable way. Besides, in this digital world, you can convert your video classes into books.

Let’s not forget that a lot of people prefer to read instead of watching video courses. In order not to miss such people from the pool of your potential learners, you may create ebooks and attach them to your courses or even sell them separately.

You will make money!

If you think that educational websites don’t allow you to make a lot of money, you are mistaken. Imagine making a course once and selling it thousands of times. You spend your time and do your best to create and publish a course that is the best for your learners. You work for it one time. Then the course is published and students buy it throughout time. So, you get a kind of passive income.

At first, maybe money will not be as much as you want but after a while, you will make more than you thought. It is essential not to give up. You come up with an expert course people need to learn. The most difficult time is the beginning. Once some students buy and realize this is a valuable piece of knowledge they have always looked for, they will tell friends and recommend your courses to everyone interested. Time will solve your problems. 

You will have a lot of spare time.

You will probably waste a lot of time to make video classes but be sure that after some time, you will have nothing to do. The courses will be created and published on your platform from where the learners get a chance to buy the courses with a few clicks. And you may go on planning how to manage your time.

Pick your own hours, create video classes, and then enjoy your spare time. For sure you can find another job during this period and make a lot of money having a few jobs. If you are interested in work from home and you still want to go on your e-teaching career, then having your own education will be a great idea for you. Here you may not only sell online courses but also conduct live lessons, organize quizzes and give certificates, operate a blog, and run your own e-teaching business.

It’s relatively easy.

Do you know why? I have already told you that you don’t need good computer skills to have an educational website and create online courses. Firstly if you don’t have a professional camera, you can use your phone’s camera and, due to really simple apps, edit the video and justshare. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are common with from home videos and they do not require something extra professional.

Once you have made your videos, all you have to do is to upload them. There are so many websites that allow you to upload and sell your courses basically free, and one of them is Udemy. But you may also create your own website even using professional educational website builders like Uteach.io. Here you may organize the whole educational process and satisfy the people who want to learn from you.

To Sum Up

Online courses seem to be a big emphasis right now. From time to time, we need to change the way of education and find the best options for students. Time varies mentality, and we need to focus on the best variants. These days, when you know all the benefits of creating online training, teach your students, and make money in this way, you need to think from where to start. At the very beginning, take notes, make sure that you mentioned all the things you know, and then choose the most interesting and actual one.

Make a content plan, write down all the things you are going to speak about. Think about all the questions that your student will probably ask you. Shoot courses being sure that there is no technical problem; everything is okay with the sound. Make sure you create all the material required to share. It may be for instance PDF files or SlideShare presentations you want to introduce as additional material. In some cases, you get a chance to attach files of different formats to your course. Or you may introduce it on your computer screen. This kind of visual presentation makes the topic much more memorable and the learning process easier and more effective.

During this period, you’ll grow and become professional in sharing your information and skills. Keep in mind, everything changes and become better by the experience. You help a lot of people realize their dream, learn their dream-profession in a short time with less money, you create life change, you create an impact on others, and income for yourself. You are a motivation for your future students! This is the digital world, make it better! Never give up!

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General FAQs

How much does it cost to create an online course?

Creating an online course can run between $200 at the very minimum to $5500 or more a year depending on the method you choose to create and market it. These cost account for the hosting platform, screen capture software, email service provider, domain names, to advertising cost.

Do online courses make money?

It varies widely. Your online course could earn anywhere from a $0 – $50k+ per month. Many course creators will earn $1 – 5k/month and there are numerous examples of online course teachers earning $10k – $50k per month.. There are lots of factors that will determine how much you can earn by selling online courses.

How long is an online course?

Most experts confirm that a good length for a web-based course is somewhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. This traditional opinion builds on psychological research, specific content patterns and, more often than not, gut feeling.


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