Amazon’s Alexa Robot can now access the user’s location

Alexa Amazon Robot

The new Amazon robot is named Alexa and as recently reported, you can now access the user’s location. The Device Address API is already available, giving developers the ability to factorize the location of the services provided.

The new skills of the Alexa robot from Amazon

According to its creators, this new Alexa ability would allow delivering food and groceries in the user’s home or even provide directions to nearby establishments. In spite of this, the default configuration for the robot’s abilities will be to not share any kind of information regarding the user’s location. 

In order to share user location data such as zip code or full address, permission must be granted from within the Alexa application. The location settings are accessible from the “Devices” section in the “Settings” section, precisely within the Alexa App.

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It is worth mentioning that there is also a skill analysis panel for Alexa’s skill creators. In addition, this panel has the ability to track information related to month-to-month skill adoption rates, as well as the total unique declarations or also the time of day in which users commonly interact with the robot’s ability.

Already last year Alexa’s skills were available through a bookstore of local businesses to facilitate trade. The first users of the Device Address API include Real, which is a German chain of stores specializing in offering users local news, as well as discounts, opening times for nearby locations, as well as Just Eat, which in this case uses the API for making food deliveries.

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Alexa is the first Amazon assistant that has been designed as a virtual assistant for each Amazon user. Click To Tweet

Another company that uses the API is AccuWeather, which makes use of the information for its meteorological reports. Alexa is the first Amazon assistant that has been designed as a virtual assistant for each Amazon user. By connecting to the Internet, you can know virtually anything you are asked about, including the temperature in any corner of the world or the exact time the next bus passes.

With these new features Alexa will surely improve its functionality and allow you to interact with users in a more efficient way. 

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