3 Key Things You Should Know About The Advertising Program

Advertising Program

Advertising Program

The advertising program allows advertisers to reach much more effective and direct way to your potential customer.

Surely more than one occasion caught your attention be surfing the net and suddenly see an ad for a product or a website you just visited. Far from being a spy movie, this is possible thanks to technology that allows programmatic call advertising.

Developments in the world of advertising has taken leaps and bounds, especially because of the constant development of technologies that have offered and continue to offer day after day, the possibility of going one step further to really connect with the potential customer .

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The advantages of programmatic advertising for all agents involved in the world of digital advertising is indisputable, for it has become the trend toward all marketing experts are paying special attention in order to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness with their advertising impacts.

In this sense, it is interesting to know the three key areas in which the program is based advertising:

1. Big Data

Until a few years ago, advertisers buying space in the media, however with the Big Data rules of the game have changed dramatically and now what is sought is the audience. This is data stored in massive amounts, through browser cookies, on which a certain processes are applied to extract repeating patterns.

Thus, it is possible to learn more about the prospect and find the most suitable formula to hit him with advertisements for products or services that really interest and which therefore is more likely to consume.

2. Hiperpersonalization

Programmatic advertising is a type of automatic digital advertising that is based on these data specific audiences, extracted from the navigation data, and certain algorithms to display an ad type or another to a particular customer. It is also known as Real Time Bidding (RTB) as advertisers bid for the purchase of such advertising in real time through certain specified for this platform.

With these data, advertisers have in their hands the possibility of offering a higher quality advertising impact and more possibilities for conversion (sale). And it is at this point that every time you start to see more important to get reach less public but higher quality.

3. Context

The success of programmatic advertising depends heavily on this aspect, because, it depends on this potential customer is more willing to make that purchase or not. Therefore, great efforts reside in showing those ads almost immediately after performing an action (for example, look at a hotel room, book a flight, look slippers, etc.) to ensure that the customer is more permeable that message and make a buying decision right then.


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