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Digital Advertising Data Science Algorithms in Digital Advertisements

Digital Advertising: Data Science Algorithms in Digital Advertisements

Digital advertising also called internet marketing. The main aim of the digital marketing is to make your target audience get engaged with the advertisements and end up with successful product/service purchase.  What is the...
Strategy Marketing

Make yourself known with a magazine

There are several types of magazines that are not sold in kiosks that work as powerful marketing tools, even more so if in recent times.  In addition to the catalogs that adopt the structure...
Header Bidding

Header Bidding: The new form of monetization preferred by publishers

The digital world is constantly changing. So too, the digital advertising industry has been constantly reinventing itself in search of ever greater impact on audiences, greatly improving the possibilities of monetization of publishers’ advertising...
Advertising Program

3 Key Things You Should Know About The Advertising Program

The advertising program allows advertisers to reach much more effective and direct way to your potential customer. Surely more than one occasion caught your attention be surfing the net and suddenly see an ad...
Facebook Advertising

Do Not Make Advertising On Facebook “Like Crazy”

You may be reading this article because it has struck you the title and because let’s face it, just to tell us not to do something to go and do it or at least...
Targeted Advertising Geolocation

Targeted Advertising Based On Geolocation

The market for applications and services based on geolocation are getting increasingly greater relevance and are becoming a very interesting option for marketing campaigns both large and small and medium enterprises (especially those that...
Email Copywriting

Copywriting For Email Marketing

He has written extensively about Email Marketing. It is said to be one of the best online strategies that want to forge a close relationship with its customers. However, no one told you about...
Display Ads

Search Ads Will Be Overcome By Display Ads In 2016

Search ads are directly dependent on the interaction of users with the search engine for ads to run The consumer must provide cooperation for search ads are really successful, in other words, you must...
Digital Campaigns Ideas

Digital Campaigns Ideas: 3 Creative Digital Campaigns That Created Engagement and Reflection

  During 2014 numerous digital campaigns were launched worldwide, most of them with a clear business purpose, however also designed some whose purpose was to reflect the target and even move him creatively.  As...
Emotional Ads

Emotional Advertising: 4 Emotive Ads To Remember

There are ads that connect directly to the amygdala, ads that catch your neural system shortcuts to touch your soul.  Nothing is a casuality. Human emotion is a difficult keys to find, but anxious...