How These 3 Types Of Consumers Think And How To Convince

Types Of Consumers

Types Of Consumers

One way to understand the motivations of buyers is to appeal to your personality so that you can know what you think and how you can convince them to purchase the products.

1. Dominant

For example, when dealing with a dominant person is detected that person is safe and Activate in his speech and body language. It is people who know what they want and thus makes statements rather than asking questions.

To achieve this kind of make people buy what they’re trying to sell, you must first sell the idea of power and obtaining goals. Then by facts and figures, show them that the product or service works; show real cases where customers have benefited with the product.

2. Relaxed

On the other hand, they are also those who are inspiring, relaxed and willing to listen to what is offered. Then take interested in the seller and asked a related question with him.

In this case it is innovative people connecting with others and are willing to try new processes in order to gain an advantage over the competition so that they can demonstrate their success.

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To achieve sell a product to these people, you have to start selling the distinctive aspects of the product or service, what makes it unique and always keep in mind that such buyers do not want to be like everyone else and therefore must be offered incentives for sharing the product or service with your contacts.

3. Cautious

It is also possible to find a type of buyer who wants to be involved in making decisions immediately or wait to talk to someone else on the team before stepping forward. It is people who are reliable and consistent, they prefer harmony, a stable environment and try hard to maintain relationships.

Despite taking their time, they will decide the course of action carefully, and therefore to sell a product is required to consolidate a relationship because although might not buy immediately, if kept in frequent contact and is shown to be reliable, such buyers are more willing to trust the seller.


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