3 Ways to Incorporate Digital Marketing Into Your Company Event

3 Ways to Incorporate Digital Marketing Into Your Company Event

You are ready to dive headfirst into planning your corporate event; but, before you get into the nitty-gritty of executing your ideas, it is essential to map out your firm’s digital and social goals for the event. 

Your marketing plan should include a clear communication plan, the related social media posts you will use for promotion, and the company objectives to concentrate on throughout the event.

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If you are looking for some additional guidance, read on for three ways to successfully incorporate digital marketing into your company event.

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1. Optimize the appropriate web pages for your event.

There is nothing more devastating than to lose a potential attendee because your website wasn’t correctly working or was too challenging for them to navigate. For this reason, for expert corporate event management, your first step is to optimize the appropriate web pages for your event. This may involve creating new landing pages or reshuffling the architecture of your firm’s website.

You want your event page to be simple to access and filled with only the most essential information — dates, pricing, and FAQs. Additionally, the page should demonstrate your unique selling proposition, high-quality images, what someone can expect from attending the event, client testimonials, and an open call to action.

2. Utilize social media appropriately.

This won’t be an article about digital marketing for events without mentioning social media. The social media platforms that your business uses should be heavily utilized both before, during, and after your event.

Even before tickets go on sale or registration opens up, use your social media presence to market the event and to inform potential attendees about what they can expect. The more you hype up the event beforehand, the quicker the tickets will sell when the time comes.

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Once registration begins, keep your social media followers up-to-date with any necessary information as well as tidbits that will get them excited for the experience. Make sure to post updated speakers’ lists and any unique offerings you have, as well as demonstrate why people simply must attend.

When planning out the social media content, remember to keep the message simple and clear, yet interesting. You want people to understand what you are talking about as well as show them why they should do whatever it takes to attend. If you are planning on live streaming parts of the event or are offering digital passes, make sure these are promoted through social media as well.

During the event, you want to make sure that you have an event hashtag that is known by all attendees. An event-specific hashtag helps to boost engagement and allows guests to provide you with real-time feedback.

There is nothing more crucial than interacting with those who are there, particularly if you are looking for them to become your future customers, so maintaining two-way conversations should be a high priority. To enhance the usage of the hashtag, opt to run a contest related to the hashtag.

3. Focus on building your newsletter list.

In 2019, there is nothing more valuable for a business than a robust email list. Not only will it help you sell more products or services in the future, but it will also aid you in selling tickets for any future events you will host.

Whenever it comes to working on your newsletter, ensure you are using precise and strategic email marketing techniques. If you already have a dedicated email list, before registration, consider offering those who are signed up pre-registration or a discounted price on tickets. Let your social media followers know that is happening in order to entice them to join.

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Later on, use clear calls to action when emailing people about the event. Respect their inboxes (in other words don’t spam them about the event), but do create valuable and meaningful content that is engaging and relevant.

If you are working with the best event planner in Dubai, you will have obtained all the email addresses of attendees. So, after the conclusion of the event, send them a personalized “thank you for attending” email and an exclusive discount code for one of your services or products.

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How does your firm utilize digital marketing before, during, and after events? What tactics have you found to work? Which ones don’t?

Let us know your experiences and any suggestions you may have in the comments below.


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