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Digital Marketing Action Plan: 4 Priority Actions for Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Action Plan

At the beginning of brands and agencies plan or refine the strategies that will continue in the months ahead, based on what matters most.Β 

Which according to the priorities study companies in digital marketing produced by Econsultancy in collaboration with Teradata are those four priority areas in which the companies will focus on a global scale.

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Teradata, a company dedicated to data analysis and warehousing tools, was given the task of investigating which areas of digital marketing that will put more attention marketers are, that based on current trends most notably the use of big data to better understand consumer.

After interviewing 402 specialists in digital marketing as well as directors of large global organizations across all industries, whose annual income is $ 500 million, the agency Econsultancy obtained information on the adoption of technologies in marketing strategies and challenges ahead facing the 2015.

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According to the responses obtained from experts in the field, it was concluded that the four priority areas of digital marketing this year are:

1. Mobile remains the main focus of all companies, but especially those with multiple brands. The wireless separating consumers from their desks, so the emphasis is on the mobile experience, which will trend in 2015.

2. Content, use of good content in consumer marketing has grown, in order to be efficient strategies. However, pay for content will be a trend.

3. Digital display constantly fire tests its effectiveness, although programmatic buying advertising will be the key to its growth as a display because it is more exposed to the target audience.

4. SEO, optimization searching is still one of the practices that are given priority, which is affected by factors such as marketing and content updating reduction algorithms. However, the percentage of planning in this area will be reduced about 10%.

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Moreover, based on these four priority areas, and how to add, in the following chart shows how companies distribute the budget of each channel of digital marketing during 2015 according to the study Priorities in digital marketing companies.Β 

Marketing Budget 2015

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