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Digital Business Transformation Strategy

Digital Business Transformation Strategy: Digital Transformation Trends to Watch Out for

Digital transformation—one term that has been thrown around a lot, but we are still struggling to meet the expectations of this aggressive disruptor.  Businesses often consider this ‘phenomena’ as an overhaul, where they need...
Opportunities world digital

Internet: How to make the most of the online world of 2017

One of the realities that we can not deny today is that the advancement of technology is evident in almost every aspect of our life, having flooded this completely in a really short period...
Best Startups

From Startup To Mega Empire Technology

When you decide to take your startup in the technology sector because your cousin did and did well, you never know far you can go with your project. You may become a total or...
Digital Marketing Action Plan

Digital Marketing Action Plan: 4 Priority Actions for Digital Marketing

  At the beginning of brands and agencies plan or refine the strategies that will continue in the months ahead, based on what matters most.  Which according to the priorities study companies in digital...