5 Advantages Of Ecommerce For Small Businesses

Ecommerce for Small Businesses

Ecommerce for Small Businesses

Who said the eCommerce and small businesses are incompatible? Discover 5 benefits of online sales for small stores.

E-commerce continues to consolidate its growth year after year and is a key to the expansion of large companies globally point. However, a lot of small businesses are still watching the eCommerce as remote and no real benefits for their physical business.

In many cases it tend to think that online sales and small neighborhood stores are incompatible. They seem to parallel worlds, but the reality is that together can offer many possibilities.

These are 5 of the advantages that an eCommerce can offer a small independent trade:

1. Unify the online and offline world

Although more purchases are made online, consumers still love them offline experience to try and touch the product, making the online store as a channel through which the consumer. This type of sale is called multi-channel sales, however, it is increasingly evolving to a Omnichannel sale in which both via online and offline work in a complementary manner (not parallel) for providing the maximum possible value the end customer and end customer loyalty.

2. Logistics shipping and storage

Being a trade of proximity, they can be made more easily, home delivery in a shorter period of 24 hours or even use the physical store as a collection point, giving those customers more value for lack of time they can not travel purchase. Furthermore, by providing and local, storage and stock management is facilitated more than in the case of a 100% online commerce.

3. Recruiting a new customer profile

With a eCommerce you can extend your range of action and access to customers so far do not know if they lived next to your physical store. Usually consumers who are accustomed to using the online channel to find what they want. In this sense, it is important to take care of both the content offered in the same online store, blog, and social networks. He loyalty to this new type of customer more online, depend largely on that input value in each of your interactions.

4. Achieve greater customization and confidence in the sales

Through the “face to face” relationship generated with customers when they go to the physical store, you can learn more about each of them and use the online channel to offer certain deals, discounts, coupons, or even new types of products. Furthermore, if you warn them about it via mail, message, Whatsapp or, better yet, through a campaign of email marketing as personalized as possible, it is very sure that these customers increase their confidence in your physical and online commerce, and end up loyalty.

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5. Low Investment

To create a eCommerce you do not need the high financial outlay needed to create a business in a physical location. Today there are variety of online financial solutions (such as Shopify) or free (as INUNYI) to facilitate this process of creating online stores if they do not have sufficient expertise. On the other hand, there are also more technically advanced options such as Prestashop WooCommerce or from which you can create an online store more complex and personalized.


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