5 Exciting New Field Marketing Event Ideas in 2020

5 Exciting New Field Marketing Event Ideas in 2020

Are you sick of the same old boring marketing plan? Are traditional channels of advertising your product not getting you the results you desire? It might be time to try something new and inventive. 

Field marketing management is a great strategy. It gets you interacting with buyers and fun and unique ways. And when done well, it leaves a more memorable impression of your brand.

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Event Marketing Ideas

From getting involved with events to utilizing social media platforms, there are a ton of ways to get the word about your company out. Consumers are overwhelmed and bombarded with advertising, so making it engaging will help your product stand out. Here are five field marketing management event ideas you can consider for your business.

1. Host An On Brand Field Marketing Event

Think about an event that will align with your brand and go all out to make it reflect your image. You’ll generate attendance and can use the buzz to get your brand more customers. You just have to be diligent in marketing the event, so it’s well attended. And making it memorable and enjoyable to ensure repeat success.

If you are a food brand looking for exposure, why not host a drink pairing happy hour? Look for beverages that pair with your food items and make it an interactive experience. Or offer a cooking class that shows how to make a meal out of your product. You’ll have the dual exposure of your brand to customers while demonstrating the great qualities of your product.

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Is your brand one that benefits from community engagement, like a service product? Look for ways to get involved by hosting a public event. Look into planning a sports or music event that will generate excitement. Think about a festival or trade event that aligns with your company. You can use this entertaining atmosphere to launch a fun image for your brand.

If you want to focus on creating a more socially responsible image for your brand, consider hosting events that will benefit the community. Coordinate a litter clean-up or tree planting drive. You can help the community while bringing awareness to your company and its desire to give back.

2. Create A Field Marketing Networking Event

Networking events are beneficial to your company as well as to others in your industry. It creates a relaxed environment where others can learn from each other and about your product. It also shows that your company is working to better the industry as a whole.

A regular meet up at a fun venue encourages maximum impact. Your guests will make connections. You will also be able to develop relationships with vendors and customers. And they will likely become more loyal to your brand and be more likely to recommend your company to others.

Coordinating a convention or conference that is relevant to your company can also go a long way. Being the title sponsor of this type o event legitimizes your brand. And you will have access to your target demographic. Promoting the event well to generate repeat attendance by visitors will make it a long-lasting success.

3. Sponsor a Gala for a Non-Profit

Sponsor Event

Everyone loves a party. Especially when it’s for a good cause. Look to sponsor a fundraising event that benefits a foundation or charity. It’s helpful if your company has a connection to or relationship with the non-profit.

This form of marketing may seem like a risky cost initially. But you will be making an investment in the long term reputation of your company. You will benefit from sponsor signage and the opportunity to add branded material to swag bags. And your brand image will get a boost.

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Attending these events is crucial. It can often give you access to many community leaders and taste-makers. Being informal and personable is key. When these guests see you as a business leader with good intentions to help the community, it will only strengthen your company’s reputation.

4. Host A Creative Social Media Blitz

A strong social media campaign can be a game-changer. Not only is it cost-effective, but it can have the most reach of any other type of event. You have the opportunity to reach customers globally. The end goal is to make it engaging and fun for the consumer.

To be successful, make sure your campaign stands out against the white noise. Find ways to make your posts and sites unique. It’s important to get visitors involved by commenting and sharing to generate extra buzz.

Look for an endorsement opportunity. A whole new set of celebrities have emerged with the rise of social media. If you can get one of these influencers to promote your product, you could see a huge impact.

Having as many interactive components to your campaign as possible to encourage participation. Host a webinar, live stream a product demo, or have an online question and answer session. And the excitement will get others interested in being involved.

Online contests and sweepstakes are an awesome way to add interest from visitors. Encourage sharing your posts for extra entries in a giveaway. Or ask guests to comment to vote for a feature of a new product. Buyers love to be involved in product decisions and have a chance to win freebies.

5. Partner Up With Other Companies

Consider forming a marketing relationship with other businesses. Find a product or two that complements yours but is non-competing. You’ll have the mutual benefits of gaining each other’s audiences. Coordinate a way to combine efforts to sell both of your products and save on your marketing investment.

Think about how your target demographics are similar. Work together to come up with a campaign that is likely to appeal to the overlap in your audiences. Whether a public event or a digital campaign, you can easily sell the benefits of each product to buyers.


With the ever-changing world of commerce, marketing is continually evolving. It’s vital to your business and sales to stay ahead of the game. Being creative and brainstorming cutting edge strategies is the best way to make your company stand out.

It may take some trial and error to develop a long term field marketing strategy that works for your business. But stay true to your brand identity and continue to think outside the box. And your company will grow successfully well into the future. 

General FAQs

How does event marketing work?

Event marketing is a strategy marketers use to promote their brand, product, or service with an in-person or real-time engagement. These events can be online or offline, and companies can participate as hosts, participants or sponsors.

Why is marketing important for an event?

A key reason for a business to participate in an event is to establish and build its brand. Event marketing allows your company to cultivate and express its identity firsthand.

What are the benefits of event marketing?

The benefits of event marketing are far-reaching. They provide you with the opportunity to grow your company’s awareness, sales and positioning through valuable face-to-face relationships.



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