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6 best applications for sports

6 best applications for sports

These applications for sports will help you keep fit through different workouts and a sea of data

The physical exercise is absolutely necessary and even more for those who have a sedentary life that we spend much time on the computer. For those sports enthusiasts, it is interesting to have a coach that you check routine and ask you a training table. In addition to having a system for measuring progress and as the person goes beating itself.

Today a very interesting article that is interesting from the more sedentary until we bring sports enthusiasts. On the one hand, we have selected the three best applications for sports at home that are usually based on the format of a personal trainer, you can access training tables as a gym. On the other hand, we have made a selection of the top 3 applications to run as the running is so fashionable. Let’s go there!

The 3 best applications for exercising at home

Many of us want to improve our figure, exercise to lose weight, go to the gym … But we do not find the time, do not have time and day to day flies by. But there is an alternative, consider installing one of these applications to get fit and take every time you have to exercise.

1 – Bodyweight Spartan

Application to do sport bodyweight spartan

Spartan Workout MMA Home Free is a home training app that stands out not need additional equipment, but all training and exercises proposed by this app can perform the Fitness with your own leather.

Through a series of routines and tables simple exercises to do every day, will help you develop your muscles and lose weight at home with a workout Fitness Style.

Each of the tables of exercises to do at home is accompanied by a video and instructions of the muscles involved and how it should develop movements.

In this application for sports you can configure two types of workouts to your routine Fitness. On the one hand you can put goals on time, and on the other by repetition.

The former is more focused on doing aerobic exercises at home and a timer through this app for sports will inform you when you should take breaks or to recommence activity as well as when it comes to an end. Undoubtedly, this is a good routine to lose weight and get a fitness body.

The second type of goal you can set is oriented home exercises to tone your body muscles working through repetitions. This application has different sports muscle training tables you can see and select. It has 48 exercises categorized in 9 muscle groups.

The purpose of this application to exercise at home is that you achieve the best possible physical shape without leaving your home and using dead time for it. Offers you a routine workout routines like gym that you can find, but in a personalized way home.

Undoubtedly one of the best applications for weight loss you can find today.

2 – Sworkit Coach


Sworkit Coach

Sworkit Coach is one of the best sports app and the best known. This application for exercise is based on offering workouts to do at home. It lets you create and follow custom training video.
Also stands out for its ease of use, when you access it you must select a type of training: Strength, Aerobics, Stretching and Yoga, the body part you want to work and then you can seleccinar time to devote to routine between 5 and 60 minutes. You only need to follow the coach to know how to do the exercises.
Conveniences include your custom workouts through your daily agenda with your objectives taking your usual workout localized exercises.
With this app gym you will not mind you scroll to large training centers, but sport can practice anytime, anywhere and without additional equipment. It has a free version that lets you access all exercises to do at home, but also have a version of Sworkit Premium through a monthly or annual subscription that will eliminate the advertising and allow you access to some extra features such as adjusting your exercise intervals, exclusive warm-ups, the option to ask a coach and some others.

3 – 30 Day Challenge Deportivo


30 Day Challenge Deportivo

Deportivo 30 Day Challenge is one of the best applications for sports that have been reviewed. Their training tables have been designed in a scientific for professional personal trainer. They have taken into account both physical fitness and health. With this app you can find to train both exercises to increase muscle mass and exercise to lose weight at home.

One of the best features of this app for sports is that as the days go past, if you respect the implementation rules will increase the intensity of exercise to improve your daily workout. Possibly become your favorite sport app to follow a routine workouts at home through exercises to lose weight.
Registration progress of your training will register automatically, you will remember your table daily exercise, will offer a video guide, you can access different challenges than 30 days, such as abdominal or whole body and share your progress social networks. You will also find 3 types of levels for each training: basic, intermediate or advanced.
Undoubtedly, one of the best applications for sports through home exercises to lose weight and tone your muscles. You no longer have an excuse!

The 3 best applications to run

We continue with the list of the best applications for sports. Now we continue with the 3 best running applications that you’re going to love all those who I have fond Running.

4 – Running

Application to run running

Running is one of the best applications to run at full it is and for its attractive design. During your gear you can keep track of the distance you carry traveled, calories burned running and more. The app is running with more accuracy in the calculation of the distance / time currently on the market.

I enter the factors that has made us classify as the best app to run between different applications have analyzed sports is its interface, which is very clear and attractive. It also has access to the music player so you can manage the music that gives you motivation to run. If you want to download music to run, we recommend you read this other article published. And through voice alerts to know the progress we’re making during exercise.

In order to have controlled your routes and times, you can keep the history of your gear and go so improving day by day at a time. And see on the map the routes that have been doing, calories burned and some other data that you find interesting.

5 – RunKeeper



RunKeeper claims to have 25 million users using your app to run. Number is overwhelming. Not for nothing is it that runners choose it !. In addition to the best applications to run, you can also monitor other exercises like walking.

You have an assistant progress not let your mood decay and become your personal trainer pocket. This app running will mark detailed statistics on speed, distance and time and the entire route will be saved through your GPS to run.

The personal assistant you will be sending notifications when you go getting better yourself and you obtain new personal bests. So you can see how you’re achieving your objectives and goals.

One of the things that stands out in relation to other applications running RunKeeper is that brings you different training programs run with which you can achieve specific objectives. This is a great way to keep you hooked to sports and convince those days that you do not want too go jogging. You have a goal to overcome !. In addition your fans can see live your maps workouts and races while you hold through RunKeeper Elite premium version. You can not disappoint !. You may send tempers live pair that you hear through your headphones.

6 – Runtastic



Runtastic is the last of the best applications to run that we present in this article. This is an app similar to the previous running. In addition to the most common parameters distance, travel, time, calories burned running, lifting, speed and more. It should be noted that measures various activities such as running, cycling or walking via GPS.

In addition, for those who want a routine diet, Runtastic has a number of tables of exercises to do at home or in the gym that will help take off those kilos you want to lose. So Runtastic is positioned both as a personal trainer for running and fitness and is compatible with Android Wear.

Another of the outstanding features of Runtastic are their communities globally to help you be informed of everything related to fitness and running and motivate you to run and train. And you discover tips and tricks from the best experts who will come great whether you’re a novice and just want to lose weight exercise routines to lose weight, as if you are already steeped in the matter.

It also has functionality to train in heart rate zones giving the opportunity to make very specific objectives. You can train by intervals, scheduling a specific rate or speed.

Actually, the free version of Runtastic offers more than the basics for an amateur person. But if you want more features available in the paid version for 4.99 € in which you can access voice training, create routines, interval training and leave behind advertising.


As you can see, there are great apps for sports at home and outside it for free without spending a single euro. In addition, they will adapt to your schedule and you can play sports when you go better. You have no excuse for not being in shape!


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