7 Strategies to Use for Social Media Campaign In 2019

7 Strategies to Use for Social Media Campaign In 2019

Social media is a simple and easy way to have an online interaction. It develops very quickly all over the world. 

Regardless of their age, people are using most sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to connect with their family, strangers, and longtime friends. When social media was introduced, it is expected to have a great impact on every individual in various ways.  This happened and it changed the world.

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Nowadays, social media is always in demand for many internet users. In fact, there is an approximately 1.4 billion Facebook active users and still counting. The greatest advantage of using this kind of sites is you can create credibility and confidence to your customers. If you have a high rating and reviews into your products or services offered, people will find it very useful and probably, makes them decide to buy it.

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According to studies, social media is producing an extreme influence on most consumers and there is a positive relationship between the value of sales and the amount of trust that consumers can provide. An effective marketing strategy should be well-planned and performed. Social media marketing for your business and organizations should be done to promote your products and services as well as to influence your target market.

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Here are some strategies to boost your social media campaign:

1. Create a relationship with your chosen target market

The initial step in building a solid foundation in social media is to get a good number of significant followers. Before starting to invest time and money, you should be aware of who your target market is and why do you want to build such thing regardless of how big or small is your company. For instance, Facebook has an average of 1.1 billion users who always scrolls into their feeds nearly every day. Meaning, you should focus on targeting followers and fans that are relevant in promoting your business.

The secret behind a strong social media strategy is the mindset on how to create trust and a good brand reputation with your customers. This is very important so that when they purchase today, they can also decide to repurchase again and influence their other friends and followers to check and get interested in your brand. If you are planning to sell a product or offer a service instead of creating relationships on your audience, you should consider the design of your business model. Relationship to customers is still important and should come first even though your main purpose is to market and sell your products and services.

2. Pick the appropriate platform

Every user is using various platforms to interact with other people using social media. Although every platform has a unique and distinctive audience and culture, most users tend to find the most convenient and user-friendly platforms. As the old saying goes, the focus is the key to success. You should not be wasting your time, effort, and money. Focus on your goals and objectives to yield compelling results.

The type of audience, their interest, your services, and products are the determinants of which platform should you use. Remember that in social media, it is always about quality over quantity. So, you should be consistent in producing interesting content that will get the attention of your target customers. These will probably generate more sales and followers.

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There is no best platform in social media. It will only be based on how well do you understand each platform and make a plan on how to boost your investment and generate profit.

3. Set your objectives

In planning a good marketing strategy, it is a must to create first your goals and objectives. Your goals are the key factor in determining your qualitative and quantitative success.

Keep in mind that your goals and objectives should be specific, relevant, measurable, and attainable in your target time frame. While it is simple to track the number of retweets, shares, and likes of a post or product, it is still difficult to determine the actual success rate of a business. Focus and relate your goals and objectives to your marketing strategy so that, all your efforts may produce a great value of results.

4. Build your overall strategy

In creating an effective strategy, you should not always think of how quickly you will get your return on such investment but rather, you should focus on getting the interest of your target audience. Always remember, getting brand loyalty and having a substantial amount of significant audience doesn’t take place in a short span of time.

Social media strategy will show how social media will help your business in reaching its objectives and how your business will communicate to the platforms and tools being used in accomplishing such goals.

Basically, your overall strategy will be only a straightforward statement which outlines your business’ goals and objectives, as well as the expected results you want to attain.

5. Build an important content

Creating good and relevant content can help your business to be more preferred in the competition and guide you to be an expert in the industry. By creating good content, it will catch the attention of more consumers and influence them to return to your business’ page frequently. Remember, it is always quality over quantity.

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Generating content can be quickly done but creating high-quality content will take a lot of work and time. Blog posts and articles are the normal way of content writing. Yet, there are still several ways on how you can build your brand reputation and awareness such as video tutorials, podcasts, and infographics.

6. Promote and publicize your content

Without publishing your content to your page or website, your good content will always be useless.  This 2019, you should be thinking of the ways on how to be more competent and profitable. You should also think of the perfect timing of publishing your content completely which means, you should also know the time when you can get a lot of a maximum number of likes, shares, and comments. You will know this by understanding how the patterns work on content consumption on different platforms.

7. Measure your business performance

The main purpose of tracking the effort of your business performance in social media is to know what the actions that seem to be working are and what are the actions that give you the negative outcome. By measuring your performance, you can also revise and develop a more effective strategy.

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Real-time analytics can help you to be aware of what does your audience thinks of your updates. Keep an eye on your metrics because it will show the success of all your efforts. Remember, the audience or followers can propose content as well. Ask them what they prefer to see by forming a question related to your business on your social sites for more awareness.


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