Mobile Marketing Companies: 9 Advantages Of Mobile Marketing Companies

Mobile Marketing Companies

Mobile Marketing Companies

In 1973 Martin Cooper invented the first radio telephone and was in the 19 // 83 when it was released the first mobile phone (portable) known as “brick”, but not until 20 years later that the first SMS sent. 

Since then it has grown by leaps and bounds and the mobile telephony sector has not been left behind and is from that moment that companies begin to take advantage of this communication channel, using mobile marketing. As of 1996, accessing the Internet, mobile devices perceive an incredible transformation going from the basic service call and send SMS to download music, listen to the radio, take pictures, send MMS, Bluetooth, video, share photos and videos, etc.

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I share a computer graphics in the history of Mobile Marketing, Media by Salve.

Mobile Advertising

With this incredible and before long evolution, you could not miss the opportunity that had the marketing reach people through their mobile devices, the end of the day is a gadget that we all use every day, the first thing we see to wake up and the last thing ojeamos before going to bed … a device that, today, it is therefore essential that we get along Secure a desert island.

The smartphone opens more borders, is no longer necessary to have a desktop or a laptop to find information about what interests you, shop online look at the email received, enter our accounts in social networks, receive coupons of our preferred brands, etc … all this can be done from your mobile phone, anywhere in the world at any time.

For all this, mobile marketing becomes essential for any company that wishes to reach customers in record time and personalized way. It all starts with sending SMS, which is the most used advertising channel with a very high rate of opening and in a fairly short time; other methods are email marketing, geolocation, sending coupons, etc.


“Marketing actions conducted through mobile devices” Wikipedia.

When we talk about mobile devices we not only refer to the smartphone (although it certainly is the most used) but to all types of portable gadget, pocket, easy to use and works without being connected to electricity (tablets, PDAs, iPods, handheld, etc.). These allow marketers to reach customers or potential customers more quickly and conveniently, both the company and the customer.

Think of the change that has given our lives since our phones have Internet, how comfortable it is not having to turn on your computer daily to see whether or not we have received mail that look so eager for information or a Store brand or interests us, shop at stores without having to move and while we going to work on the bus (for example), book trips or breaks without having to travel to the agency connect from mobile to social networks to find what do our friends, stay for the weekend, or see the latest news from the fan page that I follow and am interested in, read a book, etc.

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This could be all day, from our Smartphone, Tablet, Ipod … we can do anything we will go through your head and all thanks to the Internet and agility marketers to seize the opportunity presented to them at the time, putting everything at our hands and leading brands and companies we are interested in our pockets.

Why Mobile Marketing, offers advantages not only for ourselves but also for companies that know how to make this communication channel and are not currently present just send mass advertising to the general public or customers in a group, now what works the best means of personalized advertising, know your customer and provide what it needs in terms of location, economic status, likes, etc and what the mobile device that is personal, to get the customer to be loyal within a company.


  1. The main tasks that are performed through our mobile phones are: telephone calls, sending SMS, checking email, finding information, take pictures, access to social networks, etc … every one of them can be used to help a marketing strategy.
  2. Low cost

Mobile marketing allows campaigns to reach potential customers at lower costs for businesses, especially if they are compared with other advertising methods such as TV, radio, etc … this is because all possibilities as: email marketing (each time the opening percentage is higher from mobile devices and this is an effective and economical method), daily connection to social networks, SMS (with well below the cost of advertising spot, sending mail advertising, ), etc.

Simply adapt your website to be viewed on a mobile device or create an App, a marketing strategy is low cost and far-reaching.

  1. Immediacy to reach the potential customer.

This is one of the most compelling advantages, thanks to portable devices, leading our beloved smartphone, companies can reach almost immediately to the target, sending SMS and emails are real-time and often have an almost immediate opening (mainly SMS). This means that companies implementing mobile marketing strategies and become more competitive is because mobile devices are our faithful friends and accompany us everywhere.

  1. It allows interaction with customers.

With the ability to connect practically continuously in social networks, allows companies to provide information to customers about their products, brands, services … and get almost instant feedback (mobile we took over at anytime, anywhere, allowing you to see instantly publications have been done) customers, creating a company-client, and vice versa, which helps improve the relationship, build trust, customer loyalty, interaction etc.

  1. Custom:

Today, as I said earlier, not worth to advertising campaigns in general; what really makes the difference is that companies go directly to us, which makes us feel somehow more ‘special’ way, which really care to know and please us, this generates confidence in the brand … and what better media, the mobile phone, to perform this marketing strategy; SMS by sending personalized customer data or e-mail addressed directly to the receiver, talking to him and not to the general public, this creates a greater impact to the receiver and making this the best way.

  1. High reach:

According to an article “Spain leads Europe in the use of smartphones with a 66% penetration rate,” “Video consumption on mobile devices has grown 400% in just two years,” according to a study Ooyala (specializing in video content company), more than 86% access the Internet from your mobile (annual survey IAB Mobile Marketing Spain, 2013), etc. this means that using mobile marketing campaigns you can get a high reach, is a massive diffusion method that leads to a large crowd of people.

  1. Is a readily measurable marketing strategy:

The data that we can provide mobile marketing can be measured in real time, open rate of emails and SMS, number of downloads from the App, level of interaction in social networks, etc … this allows control at the same time it takes out campaign, its effectiveness and development, so that if something goes wrong can be modified and corrected immediately.

  1. Allow Geolocation:

Thanks to mobile technology companies can learn (if we want to, of course) where we are at all times, this allows them to send offers just when we passed near their stores (for example), another advantage of this It is that through our smartphones can know at any time that businesses, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc, we have around us … among other things.

  1. Viral.

Most receive information or advertising that is stored in our devices and through them we can share with other contacts, social networks via email, WhatsApp, etc. which helps to achieve the campaign go viral and reach more people, expanding its outreach.

Download PDF – 9 Advantages Of Mobile Marketing Companies


In conclusion, the evolution of mobile technology has opened many doors and offers a wide range of possibilities for companies, they should give due importance to mobile marketing, make the most possible, adapt their websites to be seen by devices smaller (to make it easier to navigate through mobile devices in use today), would also create a great mobile app, and that most users prefer to connect via an App that through web is easier, usable, fast, comfortable and fun. 


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