Amazon Ambition Has No Limit

Amazon ambition has no limit

Amazon ambition has no limit

For everyone knows that the US company always wants more and therefore not cease in its efforts to incorporate daily new products and services in its portfolio of departmental items. However, we could not deny that while still innovating and increasing its catalog of items, never ceases to amaze. And he has done it again …

Amazon Travel will name the new project of the company founded and directed by Jeffrey Bezos. This news was revealed by, specialized in tourism website and found that as the name suggests, Amazon has opted for a hotel booking section, specializing in upscale accommodations.

Thus, according to the information provided Amazon will launch this new service in early 2015, but only temporarily will operate at around major urban centers in North America, including New York, Seattle and Los Angeles.

However, despite that today are still unaware of specific details on its geographic expansion, it has become clear if the decision of the organization to target a very specific market as well as exquisite as they have several reliable sources confirmed that in response to the reviews on TripAdvisor, among other indicators, Amazon just include hotels valued by their users, at least four stars and independent character.

It also seems clear that the modus operandi ecommerce giant intends to carry out, based on the integrated management of reserves and collections of tenders published on its website, in exchange for a total commitment of 15%, taking over the transfer of net profit of its employees.

Moreover, and as the logic invites us to think, the giant platform will not settle for introducing these new products belonging to the new market for the organization, but presumably endeavor to complete these tour packages with other complementary services , offered through featured products suggested by the portal. In addition, some experts believe that Amazon Travel is supplemented with a section of editorial information about places of interest and other additional information on the next places the destination visited.

So, where the roof is Amazon?

where the roof is Amazon

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