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Apple Pay Cash Card

Apple Pay Cash Card

At least 56% of mobile phone users already use the terminal to make a purchase. 58% of Spaniards want to pay directly from your smartphone when you are in a store. 

These data are not surprising if we look at mobile data traffic in 2014, but what if instead of buying the mobile also use our smartphone to pay in any establishment ?. This is already possible in different countries, with different technologies developed in devices such as Android or Windows Phone with NFC (Near Field Communication), a communication system that enables short-range exchange of data between devices.

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Apple on the other side the September 9, 2014, together with the presentation of the new iPhone 6 and the Watch, Pay Apple unveiled its new proposal, its own payment service mobile.

Apple Pay

To pay with your smartphone as both establishments or in different applications, Apple has used the combination of NFC Touch the biometric sensor ID. One of the most remarkable things about Apple Pay, according to data the company has offered, is that all you have to do to pay is to put your finger on the Touch ID and bring mobile contactless terminal at the hotel.


Another issue that we must also pay close attention is the security of our data. As in many of the creations of the brand, security is one of the pillars of its products, and this new service will allow us to pay securely and that all our banking information is encrypted.

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Besides all the data of our cards are not stored in your phone, and if someone tries to pay through our device you can not do because we have to pay to put our thumb on the Touch ID sensor.

Download PDF – Apple Pay, Our New Card and Payment


At the moment this service apple can be used only in the United States, but according UKTelegraph apple pay will probably be launched in Europe in 2015. Apple has even announced a job offer referred to in the application Pay Apple equipment in Europe , Middle East, India and Africa. 


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