How Best To Meet My Target Audience Thanks To Youtube




Youtube is definitely a social network to monitor real time to adopt after the necessary reagents for pointers and in your marketing strategy strategic decisions. But why?

Nowadays consumers not only focus on a device, but several: they have, and we have an eye on television and another on the smartphone, where the video format has also gained enormous importance. Youtube in just over 10 years, it has become imperative for brands and users platform. The network generates billions of copies daily. So what can you learn from it brands?

With an average of 300 hours of videos posted per minute and users, satisfied or dissatisfied, speaking of products of a brand … they can make their platform Youtube star to learn even more to your target audience. What interests them? Approaching influencers and learn about their habits.

Youtube: 4 customer insights that matter most brands

1. Success of a product on the market

As in other social networks, users Youtube expressed their opinions about the products they use in their daily lives. For brands, it can be positive or negative. The consumer reviews in the specialized forums are often essential for making purchasing decision, but Youtube is no slouch: the trend continues, and even multiplies when it comes to opinions influencers. Whether a good or bad review, they can have a direct impact on future consumers, a fact which can also alter the image of a brand.

2. Product use
Youtube’s success has given way to video tutorials, a content type that grows each day. Today, most Youtubers publishing this type of content each day invest more time and money in their development, to produce high quality videos where they share all kinds of details and uses its allied products. One of the industries most benefit out of this is the beauty, since this material reveals first-hand information about the use of these consumer goods, as well as including references to other brands or products that these influencers combined.

3. Purchasing habits

Internet shopping increased by leaps and bounds, something that has also precipitated the emergence of so-called video Haul, where different kinds Youtubers share their latest purchases, often online. Not only that, but also publicly they share information about the product: quality, price … and the corresponding links where to buy them. These videos give them the opportunity to see who is buying and using their products, in addition to identifying other competing brands.

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But in this case learning does not stop there, and is that not only show Youtubes items purchased, but also think about those who, on the contrary, have not caught your attention. All this gives brands a better understanding about what products like best and which behave worse in the market.

4. Impact of a product on the daily lives of consumers
In addition to learn more information about buying habits and consumption, Youtube opens the doors to brands to understand more about the daily use of their products. What time of day are my products consumed? or, it is the consumer who buys the product?


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