Blended Marketing: The Marketing Future

Blended Marketing Future

Blended Marketing Future

The incursion of everything related to the digital world has changed many aspects of life, social relationships, professional and how to purchase among others. Adapting to these changes is necessary. Digital channels have an important weight in both marketing and communication. Internet is a world of opportunities and has changed everything but nonetheless we must forget the traditional marketing and communication. Marketing the future, Blended Marketing should be one where the traditional Marketing Online and must not be separated, but must be integrated to achieve maximum effectiveness of our campaigns.

That is why we must do Blended Marketing, a term we see every day without realizing it, that is, actions with the intention of creating an action or reaction in the consumer / client / target audience, combine techniques and attributes of digital marketing with the virtues of traditional media or offline, with complementary strategies in the task of transmitting a single message.

Offer consumers what they want or need with an added value, that is the goal of Blended Marketing, combining different media on and off line achieving a balance between harnessing the potential of each, will help us to capture the attention of the various user groups and enhance the memory of the brand values.

Maturity and technological developments, today, make the line between traditional and digital marketing is increasingly imperceptible.

The key to success lies in a coherent and integrated all channels to achieve the highest number of recipients use the best possible segmented and personalized message, generating impact at different times and confidence in our company and brand.

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The main reasons why you should do blended marketing are:

#1. The price: we can play with the budget we have allocated increased expenditures to more effective action.

#2. The scope: segmenting our target audience get well reach it by different means in an optimum way, increasing the effectiveness of advertising and coverage of the action.

#3. Engagement: We are saturated with so much information, so it is important to complementarity between the two channels to reinforce the message to be transmitted using the advantages and benefits of each of us thus strengthening the brand image channels.

     Only 22% of companies feel they are integrating their social channels remarkably well with offline

How to combine online and offline marketing

#1. Study your target.

You are your public digital media ?, Or buy traditional ?, Where ?, Where ?, How to search for information purchase ?. Knowing our target audience will help us to customize campaigns based on segments to which we turn and focus more on one means or another.

#2. Uniformity in the message.

Define clearly the message you want to convey and do it consistently across different media. If it is necessary to create a guide with the guidelines based on the different channels. Note that the message to be transmitted must be the same but not the campaign since depending on each medium has to be adapted. For example, in digital media, you can use videos.

#3. Share information.

All data from social networks or digital campaigns must be printed on the materials used in offline advertising. And all offline advertising materials, such as brochures, catalogs, offers … must be uploaded on the network in different digital media.

#4. It offers value.

How we discussed the key to success of blended marketing is to give the consumer what they want or need with an added value, something attractive to the customer how they can be exclusive releases, contests or discounts made through online marketing (for example, for sharing RRSS content follower or become a Facebook Fan Page), combined with the delivery of these discounts at retail outlets.

#5. Share experiences

The success of such campaigns is to create a strategy that allows content to have the widest possible dissemination. It is to share experiences in the offline world through the online world, viralizando these actions to reach the greatest number of potential users. It is important when combining campaigns at all times guide the customer to know their experiences and thus not only capture their interest, also their contacts.

It is possible even before the campaign start creating expectations about it through digital media to increase our reach.

# 6. ROI analysis

It is necessary to measure all actions to know that we are doing well and we need to improve. Knowing how much it has cost us and the income and social media are working best is essential to find the perfect combination. Remember that both channels, online and offline, are complementary, and if we get the same results in different ways at different costs we want to always invest in giving us a greater ROI.

If your company has made traditional marketing, so far, it’s time to start combining it with online marketing. If, however, your company is digital and want to differentiate, makes Blended Marketing strategies. The merger will get the best result, with specialists who are able to identify the needs of the public on the Internet and outside the network and creates campaigns that combine both tools.


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