Blog SEO Strategies: 5 SEO Tricks to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Blog SEO Strategies 5 SEO Tricks to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important element to generate traffic to your blog. If you are having difficulty with SEO, do not worry! 

We have created a list of 5 SEO tricks that will help you drive more traffic to your blog. Let’s check out Blog SEO Strategies!

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is absolutely vital when writing an SEO friendly content. It is like a market research, letting you know about the interests of your audience. Incorporating the right keywords can significantly improve the web traffic on your blog.


There are many keyword research tools, for instance, Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush, that can help you understand the competition and effectiveness of a particular keyword that you are planning to incorporate into your blog.

Mobile Optimized Layout

Mobile traffic has taken over the web traffic over the last few years. No one likes to pinch in and out in order to read your blog. That is why it is very important that you choose a blog theme that is optimized for mobile screens.

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But how does it help with SEO? Well, Google has announced switching into the mobile-first index by 2018. It means that your blog will be ranked based on the information on your mobile page. Therefore, taking a proactive approach will help you to retain, if not gain, the higher ranking on search engines.

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Another critical aspect regarding SEO mobile optimization is voice search. The trend of using voice searches like Siri and Alexa has been increasing day by day. You must, therefore, review your content and optimize your content relevant to the questions that people may ask using voice search.

Social Media Share Plugins

Over the past few years, the line between social media and web has been blurred when it comes to SEO.

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More than 75% marketers use Social media to boost their SEO rankings, which is a testament to the impact social media on SEO. The content posted on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook gain higher ranks on the SERPs.

Therefore, adding social share plugin can help the reader share your posts on their profiles. However, you must ensure that your content is high-quality and compelling, urging the readers to share it on their social media profiles.

Use 301 Redirect

Using 301 redirects to fix 404 pages is an excellent way to avoid losing valuable organic traffic to your blog. The 404 error “Page Not Found” occurs when someone opens the link to the page, which is not available to your blog or website (mostly due to site redesign or typo).

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Using an SEO crawler can help you in sorting your URLs, which returns the user to 404 page and then export the list. After that, you can 301 redirect them to their new working version of the link, hence saving a good chunk of web traffic.

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You must also keep an eye on analytics and look for unusual traffic drops, keyword ranking losses or sudden 404 spikes, which can adversely impact your blog.


Video content not only keeps your audience engaged and entertained, but it can also help improve your blog ranking on the search engines.

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Videos make for more than 60% of total Google searches globally and are more likely to get better organic better ranking than static content.

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Therefore, an optimized mix of video-based and text content can be an excellent move to drive more traffic to your blog. You can use descriptive keywords and create a video sitemap in order to make it more effective.


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