Community Manager: You Need To Know About Instagram

About Instagram

About Instagram

Instagram should be on the list of daily tasks of the Community Manager because the potential of this social network is huge and growing.

One goal is to define your brand on Instagram through publications and attracting so as to increase the engagement of your brand. To do this you must always use the same style of publications.

Factors that can influence to create more engagement on Instagram

  • In addition there are many other factors that can influence when creating more engagement in Instagram, such as the account is optimized, ie full profile and taking every opportunity to communicate something of our brand on it, so you work you creatively a good profile that describes the brand without leaving any empty field. Possibly as Community Manager so you know, but if you’re just starting out is to take this into account, as well as the following factors that I will indicate below.
  • When you continue, it is important to you and that you offer quality diferències. We know that Instagram is a social network that puts the photographs, so to differentiate should avoid posting images of low quality or poorly made. If you doubt what you should publish images, always publishes quality, no matter the subject because with a little ingenuity you can always focus it toward your brand.
  • Each publication can be used up to 30 hashtags, do it in an orderly and well thought out, that is not put hashtags for them and that’s it. Hashtags uses two keywords in the title of the photo and the rest in the comments because it is a good way to also share it on Twitter. I do not recommend the abuse of hashtags, nor them because. I mean by this that if you post a picture of an eggplant, you can put #berenjena, #hortaliza, #receta, # gastronomy, but I do not put # zucchini, #puerro etc …
  • Sure you want to see the publication of certain accounts without losing any of its publications. In that case you can do is go to the account that interests you, you deploy the in the top right menu and active notifications publications. In this way each time they post will receive a message on your mobile, and you will not miss your publications competition, influencers etc. besides you will give the opportunity to interact with them they’ll also offer ideas on how to get more engagement.
  • It is essential that participate commenting other publications Instagram and manage comments in thanking own publications or answering your own opinion about the comment. If you spend only republish be difficult you attract people interested in this social network.
  • Instagram as in other brands is essential to humanize the brand. Through images and videos it is easier to do. Share the daily life of the brand, how you work, how staff moves, having a coffee or a photo published in Instagram! As is nearest your brand user, the more chances you have to grow your brand on Instagram.
  • In case you post something you know that might interest other influencers or users, Instagram, what you should do is label them. But only if you really know that it will be of interest, because if you do assiduously could take it as spam, which do not benefit anything. This can be done in photo editing once charged searching the account you want to label.
  • Do not abuse the filters and try to be as natural as possible in publications.
  • Important: do not sell products. Not simply post photos of the products or services you sell. Take it otherwise and publishes others experiences living through those products or services. Do you realize the big difference?
  • Make use of the contests on Instagram occasionally it is an incredible opportunity to give rhythm to the community and increase the number of followers tool.

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