Create The Perfect Landing Page To Get More Conversions

Landing Page

Landing Page

Digital Marketing Trends Today, we invite you to the fundamentals that you must have your landing page to convert. To do this, we asked an opinion Online Marketing Rebels who have extensive experience creating landing pages that convert to companies and e-commerce in all sectors.

Well, the first thing you should know that for a landing page to be effective, we must make constant testing optimizing small elements until you find the perfect design and copy that achieve the most conversions.

How do these tests?

You have to test each item separately and leave a margin time to analyze data. Do not change everything at once or you will not know what worked before and now I do.

These are the basic elements that should be tested:

  • Title: Your title should be simple and straightforward
  • Value Purpose: Creates a couple of lines explaining what big problem you solve and for whom is the solution
  • Images: Try different images to see which captures more attention.
  • Form: Use different designs form; different colors, copywriters, structure … And measures which generates more clicks

1. The form must be the role

The form is the key to your landing page. You must give a prime location.

The potential client should not have to look, should be able to find in a first visual impact; for example, on the top right of the page.

Therefore, do not make your potential customer makes scrolling to convert because it is safer not to do it.

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Add a button big and bold action, with a call to action and personalize your conversion rate will grow.

2. Talk to your ideal client end

Your message must be clear and must be addressed at the end ideal client.

Your campaign begins by segmenting audiences; either because it starts from Adwords or from Facebook you are segmenting a small group of people therefore, this should also be reflected in the landing.

Do not speak for everyone, speak to your audience; describes the biggest problem they have, uses a language according to its demographic, a custom style for them …

That is, the copy of your landing must contain the same approach as the ad campaign you created to lead them.

A businesswoman who have learned who their ideal client end and has optimized its sales process to achieve increase its turnover is the CEO of Message in a cookie; an online store pastry workshops. They wanted to explain his success story in Online Marketing Rebels opinions Miriam Gonzalez.

3. Have a single goal

Many landings have a very common mistake is to have more than one objective. In many cases there is even a navigation menu, something that should not have any landing page.

Your landing should offer only a conversion. If you want to achieve the direct sale of a product or service; everything must be focused on offering the sale of that product or service.

If you want to capture a record for your database of potential, especially in the communication you should be pointing to generate that record.

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A landing page should be focused on a single goal. Everything in it (images, copy and ultimately, all elements of the landing), must be firmly seated to tell a compelling story about what you sell.

The following questions can help you focus your copy on a single objective:

  • What is the landing?
  • What product or service offer?
  • What is the price?
  • How long will the order reaches the customer or can enjoy the service?

All communication page must be able to resolve such basic questions that the potential customer is done once it lands.

Be brief achieves better results

Users do not want to read great texts explaining the miracles of a product, service or guide.

100% seek information relevant to our problem or need, in a summarized and visually.

Therefore, your landing should be a short, direct and attractively formatted text.

Do not make the mistake of over-explain. You should be able to answer the questions of potential customer simply through simple and direct sentences.

Synthesize is important to improve conversions on the page. If you create a text too long, the user can understand that the product or service you sell is too complex.

Almost always, to the more complicated or innovative product, it can be explained in a few short sentences.

The trick is to focus solely on the basic elements that must know the customer and benefits.

Finally, we suggest that you learn to create your own sales process for your business, seeing experiences of other entrepreneurs who have achieved success in the network: access video testimonials Rebel Online and join the rebellion.


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