Customer Experience A Powerful Differentiation Strategy

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

In this increasingly fast-paced environment and complex in which the products have been commoditized and hard to get to be perceived as different from each other, in which advertising stimuli are not able to capture the attention of audiences as they did before , which consumers have become highly skeptical beings that put into question the messages they receive from manufacturers, in which the digital universe has burst causing changes in the basis on which before marketing settled and communication, in this world, is born a new need for companies: getting create competitive advantage from differentiation strategies.

Differentiation strategies may be many, but there is one among them that is capable of reaching the consumer and touch him deep, there is one that is pure emotion and that is the Customer Experience.

The key is, as always found in the client, in the consumer. If he does not expect anything different thing to do to differentiate is just that, I surprise !. And what better to get that surprise will be pleasant and that his memory will endure over time?

Customer Experience involves getting consumers live emotional experiences of the very marks arising at points of contact with them, is to generate positive feelings that the link with those marks for creating memories that will endure in the minds of consumers and are powerful enough to give continuity to the relationship arising, always seeking to bring value to consumers. Because, simplifying a lot, there are two words that perfectly sum up the essence of Customer Experience: emotion and relationship.

For the Customer Experience to be truly effective it is necessary that part of the overall strategy of the company and that is integrated into the value chain of the same.

However, for creating these experiences we talked about, it is not enough left alone with the theory but you need to get down to work and start building somewhere, but where do you start?

If anything good has the Customer Experience and playing really going for it it is that it is a process based on logical steps. So if you want to surprise your client first need to know, so the first step is to know your customer.

Knowing the customer is a tough process for which you need to invest time and sufficient resources. It is the basis on which to start building experiences that captivate and convince consumers so it is a phase that requires high levels of commitment from the entire organization.

You do not have entirely clear how to do? Do not worry, stay with us, we will discuss this in the next post.

The world is changing and, therefore, it is also making the orientation of companies. Gone was putting the focus on the product, to use its features as an argument to address the public, where communication is unidirectional, has reached the age of the customer and with it the creation of experiences and multi-channeling.

I leave a very brief and visual explanation of what the customer experience is created by Custvox

Take on the Customer Experience!


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