Delete Your Spotify Account Step By Step!

Spotify Account Delete

Spotify Account Delete

We explain the steps to remove your Spotify account quickly

With Spotify, both mobile users and desktop, you can stream music from the Internet, with the advantage that gives access to a huge collection of music for fans of different genres, bands, artists and performers.

The service has positioned itself as one of the most popular worldwide thanks to access immediately to the music, you can even create playlists, listen to songs from Spotify on other devices, sharing music is discovered and even It allows you to play music stored on your computer, as you can see a wide range of modalities so you can listen to your favorite music and share it with yours.

Regardless of all this, any user can delete your Spotify account at the time you want it and so deregister Spotify in full, in a relatively simple manner. However, the service does not offer a convenient way to do this, so then we’ll show the whole process so that it is easier because although simple is not entirely clear.

Why you’d want to deregister Spotify?

We mentioned earlier some of the advantages of using Spotify and most probably be satisfied with all the features and functions offered by the service. But perhaps they have heard some other alternatives to Spotify who want to try or just what to pay for listening to your favorite music does not end up convincing. It may also be that the Spotify mobile app will not work them into your device or random play and ads must be somewhat difficult to tolerate.

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Whatever the reason, you can deregister Spotify, even if it means having to contact the customer service department and then request deletion of the account permanently. Let us see how to delete a Spotify account step by step.

Steps to remove Spotify account

You can go performing each of the steps we are going to explain below so that you easier removal Spotify account, start with:

1. The first thing to do is go to your desktop web browser and enter your Spotify account from the official website.

2. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on the “About”.

3. On the next page Get situated in the “Support and Customer Service” and click on the option No. 3: “Contact Form”

4. This will take you directly to the contact page of Spotify where they offer support for various categories related to service. Click in the “Account”.

5. then select the option “I want to permanently close my account Spotify.”

6. Then Spotify will show an article called “Close Account”; ignore this and click “I still need help.”

7. On the next page just write a couple of reasons on why you want to delete Spotify account and try to be as clear as possible. Click submit question.

8. Now I ask you to post information related to your Spotify account, including the account type you have, your username, the email address with which you registered, and the date of birth and your zip code.

9. Finally beam again click “Send question”

What happens after removing Spotify account?

Once you have completed the process of rescinding Spotify, what follows is waiting for the response of the service, which usually occurs within 72 hours after you made the request to delete the account Spotify.

The service will send an email to the address you used to initially sign up for Spotify and show you that your account has been permanently eliminated. And with this last step you can already consider that your account is properly removed spotify, although you can always open up a new account and enjoy all the music you have available with this application.


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