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Spotify Premium for Students

Spotify launches a special offer for students in Spain

Last April 19 Spotify announced that students will be able to register on their platform for half the usual price. That is, they offer a 50% discount. This new plan has been launched in...
Spotify Universal Music Group

Now in Spotify you have to wait 2 weeks to listen to new songs

Previously users who wanted to avoid ads on Spotify, should upgrade to Premium service. This was certainly a strong reason to subscribe and pay a fee, however now there is perhaps an even more...
Spotify Web Player

Top Tips For Spotify

Spotify is a music service streaming which has a user base of over 75 million and over 30 million songs available, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to listen to music from the...
Spotify Account Delete

Delete Your Spotify Account Step By Step!

We explain the steps to remove your Spotify account quickly With Spotify, both mobile users and desktop, you can stream music from the Internet, with the advantage that gives access to a huge collection...