Digital Marketing Future: Watch Out! Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Future Watch Out Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has created a buzz lately. With the advent of the internet and significant advancements in technology, digital marketing has taken the driver’s seat in most organizations, in the marketing campaign. 

Traditional methods of publishing advertisements in newspapers, magazines or playing it on the TV have now become obsolete. Therefore, having a sound digital marketing strategy is a prerequisite for most businesses today.

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But how do you plan an effective digital marketing program in place to boost your sales? Well, this free e-book designed by SixPl provides valuable insights into various aspects of digital marketing. Meanwhile, here is a list of trends to look out for to plan an effective digital marketing policy.

1. Mobile Penetration:

Mobiles have penetrated every stratum of society across the world. For some unknown reason, businesses have not taken cognizance of the vast potential that mobiles have to offer in digital marketing. Formulating a mobile strategy and putting it in place can include sending text messages to prospective customers, apart from creating a mobile website. The frequency of these messages could differ from business to business. The restaurant industry could get away with sending a couple of notes a week, on the other hand, a cab service would be jittery to send messages more often to let the potential customers know about their various ride plans.

2. Chatbots:

If you are not familiar with chatbots, you can think of them as tools which respond to the queries and comments of your customers from the other side of the computer. The incredible thing about chatbots is that if set up correctly, it becomes challenging to tell whether you are talking to a real person or a bot. You can try floating a website or facebook chatbot and let it engage with your customers and prospects. Studies show that chatbots have a higher chance of engaging audience than open emails, therefore making chatbots hard to ignore.

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3. User-generated content:

Consumers have always relied on advice and feedback from other people regarding products before buying those for themselves. According to pewinternet research more than half of people below 50 years of age go through online reviews before purchasing a product. A substantial number of positive reviews could make the decision easy. Putting in place a robust system for getting reviews about your business can prove healthy for your business.

4. Live video:

Today there is nothing as appealing on social media as a live video. Whichever platform you are marketing on, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, rest assured, social video engagement is going to create enough ripples through 2018. This claim has been corroborated by none other than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who touted live video marketing as the next ‘megatrend.’ According to Facebook, users spent thrice more time watching a live video than a video which is no longer live. They are also ten times more likely to comment on such videos. A live Q&A session with your clients or holding a live interview with market experts can pay rich dividends towards your digital marketing approach.

5. Storytelling:

Everybody loves stories. Brands have shown an increased interest towards framing stories and indirectly linking it to their brands. This way they give transparency to their brand purpose. Also, presenting a brand or product through stories can engage the audience better than the old, mundane way of directly launching a product on the TV.

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6. Social media Influencers:

Hiring high profile celebrities to promote your brands are now a thing of the past. Today more and more brands are collaborating with people who have a significant following on social media, in their bid to reach out to the grassroots level. Individuals with 1000 to 100,000 followers can set the sales of your brand soaring through the sky because they do have a more personal connection with their followers than any celebrity has. Moreover, this is also a very cost-effective way of garnering better support for your product and making the brand delivery more authentic than a bare advertisement.

7. Interactive content:

The most critical aspect of digital marketing in 2018 is going to be interactive content. Gone are the days when companies could merely churn out content to their customers and yet generate enough traffic on their websites. In the coming days dishing out well researched and quality content is going to be the key to fetch customer attention to your site. Creating extended quality content explaining the steps and processes in detail is going to be more useful to the readers and help your website become the instant go-to website for readers.

Download PDF – Digital Marketing Future: Watch Out! Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

Trends can keep changing over time, and it can get tedious to keep a tab on these ever-changing trends. However, it is essential to do your research and keep an eye on the latest developments to know which patterns you should be paying attention to. Keeping an eye on the top performers is the ultimate way to go forward in 2018.


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