Digital Marketing Training: a need in the work environment

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The Spanish International Institute of Digital Marketing (IIEMD) offers three free online courses in Digital Marketing, Community Manager and SEO. In addition, it has the recognized Master of Digital Marketing Online with Google Certification

Being trained in digital marketing is a must nowadays. Whether it is to apply the knowledge in a company or to promote the personal brand, knowledge of the different tools and trends that mark the way of online marketing has become a fundamental aptitude for any type of professional. 

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The Spanish International Digital Marketing Institute (IIEMD) has, since its foundation in 2005, become one of the leading training centers in the Spanish-speaking world in terms of specialized training in the most advanced disciplines Digital Marketing such as Community Manager, SEO, Social Networks or E-Commerce, among other areas.

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To bring this knowledge closer to those interested in this training, the Spanish International Institute of Digital Marketing has developed several free training courses that offer information to introduce those interested in these areas. Specifically, the IIEMD has three free courses: Digital Marketing, Community Manager and SEO. In addition and for those who want to become successful professionals within this field, the IIEMD has its prestigious Online Digital Marketing Master.

Free Digital Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing Course of IIEMD allows online and with the advice of a tutor learn how to develop a global strategy of Internet Marketing and Social Networks. With this course, which is completely free, stands out for its 100% practical approach, will know the digital strategies necessary to develop a complete advertising campaign and online marketing. Specifically, this training program will help students to improve their sales and promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and digital social networks. The course is 100% online and can be done in a flexible schedule and with full access from any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access.

Free Community Manager Course

The free Community Manager Course is an excellent choice to enter the world of social networks from a professional perspective. The course is composed of three modules that will address issues such as the importance and management of different social networks. Likewise, the training also includes in its module 2 an introduction to the importance of web positioning in the digital market and the implementation of an advertising strategy in Google. Finally, module 3 covers specific training in e-commerce 2.0 and how to design a website with SEO criteria to improve the positioning and visibility of companies.

Free SEO Course

The free SEO Course developed by the IEMD is the initiative carried out to get into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It consists in the practice of using a set of techniques including rewriting the html code, content editing, site navigation, link campaigns and more actions to improve the position of a website in the results of the Search engines for specific search terms. SEO is currently an essential technique for all those companies that want to have presence on the Internet, as well as improving their positioning in search results also helps them to improve their brand image. With this course developed by IIEMD students will be able to enter the exciting world of organic positioning and acquire the knowledge necessary to start working with them.

The Master of Digital Marketing Online

Those who already have a basic knowledge of digital marketing, the Spanish International Institute of Digital Marketing has the Online Digital Marketing Master, a course of payment and online that lasts for 200 hours, about 9 months to 5 hours a week.

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The achievement of this master’s degree also includes the Diploma of IIEMD complete with the 4 specialization courses of IIEMD (The Course of Community Manager, the course of SEO and Web Positioning, the course of Adwords and Online Advertising and the course of Ecommerce), as well Such as two specialization courses in online companies (Course of Management and Digital Management and the Course of Innovation, Transformation and Entrepreneurship) as well as optional practices in the Spanish Multinational Digital Marketing

In terms of certifications, the Master of Digital Marketing Online offers three:

  • Title of IIEMD of the Online Digital Marketing Master Degree awarded by IIEMD
  • Google Certification as an expert in Google Adwords.
  • Certification as a Professional in Digital Marketing by

Likewise, the people who surpass the Master will be part of the bank of certified professionals, having access to the IIEMD employment market. 


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