Effective Strategies to Gain Organic Traffic on YouTube

Effective strategies to gain organic traffic on YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and premier platform used around the world. The channels on it are basically for entertaining, educating or promoting a product or services. 

Many people use money and shady enterprises to buy views to fool people, but there are many major problems with this trick. People who think that view counts are going wrong as the algorithms are paying attention to the user’s behavior and not the number of views. The capabilities of YouTube’s bot detection are improving day-by-day, if you want organic traffic then get ready to invest some time and efforts. However, you can also buy Youtube subscribers and views which are organic and legit.

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On your YouTube videos, the genuine views can be increased by using social media profiles and optimization features.

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Do you want to cross a variety of factors in YouTube’s algorithm and rank best in top of search results?

1. Use keywords in the title of the video.

By crafting a descriptive title, your content can become relevant to the algorithm and being an interesting hook, it can attract the viewers. Your title should inform the audience, what your video is about. With the use of a keyword research tool, find a popular keyword and get your video content optimized. By just informing your audience about what your video is, you can gain organic traffic.

2. Quality descriptions with the keyword.

Video descriptions are where you can provide brief information about your video. The click-through-rate will increase when the audience will know what to expect from your video. Try to rank for short-tail keywords, remain generic and stand-out to capture the attention of viewers. You can do this with an effective SEO meta description.

3. Use tags.

Tags in the YouTube video can help in identifying your content niche. The algorithm understands that which category of the audience will view your video. Your title and description should reflect the core of your YouTube video.

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4. Thumbnail image optimization.

You can increase the organic traffic by optimizing the thumbnail image. Use high-quality images with good readability on the text on it. Add facial-closeups and engaging fonts.

5. Captions and transcripts.

To increase your YouTube ranking, pay attention for creating the transcripts or closed captions for videos in order to cater and attract an international audience. With this method, your views will get a boost but remember that it is not a long-term solution because YouTube’s algorithm prefers behavioral analytics of audience for ranking factors.

6. Content of video.

The most important factor to increase views is video content. Unique, interesting, entertaining and valuable are few factors to add in your content to make organic search position with behavioral analytics. If your content is educating and entertaining the audience, the chances are more to get ranked, when the users find your content valuable. Also, the views will return to your channel in the future.

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7. Guest YouTubers.

It is a good idea to invite guest YouTubers, from a similar industry you entice your followers. You can provide a unique and different perspective by offering links to one of other YouTuber’s video and built a relationship on reciprocity.

8. Create end screens.

If you want to do something good at the end of every video, try using a unique function of end screens. End screens are the recommended videos including relevant information regarding your channel. It can be from within the channel or from other playlists. You will get additional traffic with this feature. For example, if you provide academic writing tips, you can create an end screen for Assignment Help.

9. Create playlists.

For your content viewers, make playlists so that your viewers can watch your videos consecutively. It is an effective way to navigate the audience and increase views. Make sure that you arrange the videos in the playlist according to relevancy.

10. Giveaways.

Every person will love to watch a giveaway participation video.  You can promote something efficiently by announcing a giveaway to your followers. You must mention the giveaway in the video description and title. It will increase views on your YouTube video.

Getting organic traffic requires patience and quality foremost. You can build an active subscriber base with the help of above-given strategies. 


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