Fever Of Indian Fashion Bloggers

Indian Fashion Bloggers

Indian Fashion Bloggers

What is happening with fashion bloggers?

Most successful bloggers fashion nowadays, this activity started as a mere hobby. Over the years, the industry Indefinite blogs, has established its place in fashion, not only as a key element of advertising for brands, but also as a way to collaborate with creative to share a new approach . In addition, social networks and brand collaborations have created a two-way dialogue, where consumers can now actively participate in the conversation.

The sponsored content is one of the main reasons why there industry blogs, but the fans and the community are the reason why many fashion bloggers have a profitable work. The reason why this type of bloggers has great influence on fashion brands has to do precisely with the millions of people who belong to a specific demographic of consumers. The problem with this is that the business is own fashion bloggers, they are the ones who have to be very selective with the brands that have decided to join, remaining faithful to its aesthetics, without promoting a product in which they do not believe.

Indian Fashion Blogs

Followers of these fashion bloggers are fashion enthusiasts, but avid shoppers who use these platforms as a place to find things they want to buy, drive sales of the brands we precisely the fashion bloggers collaborate. Therefore, the sponsored content works quite well in the fashion segment, which has allowed many people have been able to turn their hobby or pastime, in a completely real business.

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The influence of fashion bloggers in purchasing decisions of consumers, including companies has been analyzed by sampling and data collection as ResearchNow, where quite interesting information follows, for example:

  • 25% of people aged between 25 and 34, consult blogs daily.
  • 84% of people who shop online, admit having bought products based on the descriptions seen on a blog.
  • 1 in 4 people buy something every month based on what you have read or seen in a blog
  • 30% of respondents admit use blogs as a resource to confirm your choice.

How to collaborate brands with influential fashion bloggers?

According to several surveys, blogs are among the top five most reliable sources of information on the Internet. Because the generation of interesting content, images or quality items, people rely on blogs, it relates to the authors and respect their opinions.

This of course has not gone unnoticed by many brands that are turning to influential fashion bloggers, with the intention of reaching new customer segments or just to share with them in a different way.

Brands use different forms of collaboration so that its message is transmitted by a really reliable source of authority, the type of source to which the target audience pays attention. Let’s take a look at the different ways in which brands collaborate with influential fashion bloggers:

Give away merchandise to the most influential fashion bloggers sector

This is one of the forms of collaboration with fashion bloggers most used by brands and is also one of the easiest to expose the products to potential customers forms. The key to this is to identify fashion bloggers who share the same aesthetic of the brand and make sure to create content that offer products or services that encourage sharing.

Posts Sponsored by fashion bloggers

It is also another way brands work with fashion bloggers. Basically a sponsored post is when you are paid to a fashion blogger for posting content about the brand on the blog. The great thing about this kind of collaboration is that every fashion blogger can add a unique and personal touch for the product, making it more appealing to your readers. Usually, it includes a small note which states that the article was sponsored by a mark on the Post, but opinion is responsible for the blogger.

Product Review by the fashion bloggers

Product evaluation is a powerful way to convince fashionistas to purchase a particular product. Because fashion bloggers are known to express in detail the characteristics of the products and are of course a trusted source, readers take into account every time they have something good to say about a brand.

Draws through fashion bloggers

Conduct a draw through a fashion blogger is a fantastic way to reach enthusiastic supporters of the brand. Giveaways also can increase commitment to readers and grow a subscriber list or increase the audience on social networks of bloggers. Here also marks often choose to fashion bloggers that best align with their identity as thus will be of interest to the audience.

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Contests on Pinterest profiles of fashion bloggers

This social network is a perfect platform for campaigns focused on images. Brands are aware of this and often carry out collaborations with fashion bloggers who have a solidad fan base. To ensure better results, brands must use high-quality images that encourage users to share content. As a bonus, contests on Pinterest are ideal for generating referral traffic to the website.


In the end, the primary objective of the actions carried out by all fashion brands through fashion bloggers, it should be the conversion of followers into customers. Therefore, the selection of fashion blogger indicated, with the base indicated followers, is a fundamental aspect for brands. But do not forget that two of the main reasons why the fashionistas follow the bloggers is to get fashion tips and inspiration, and learn about fashion trends and brands. So the fashion bloggers have a great responsibility in the type of advertising they perform and the type of mark is associated, as this will directly affect your credibility. Which is the basis of its value.
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