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Best Startups

Best Startups

When you decide to take your startup in the technology sector because your cousin did and did well, you never know far you can go with your project. You may become a total or otherwise you can become the new Instagram or Alibaba fiasco. If this happens it is because some venture capitalist has interested him your idea and decided to give a boost based on cold, hard cash. And as digital is fashionable, many financial institutions make better rankings on startups valued at the financial level, and take the chance to show investors where sink your teeth into.

The Journal and Dow Jones VentureSource have made the ranking of the 10 best rated Startups

  1. Xiaomi: The mobile phone company Samsung has driven herself into the Chinese market. Born in 2010, it is currently valued at 46,000 million dollars. As a curiosity, his vice president, Hugo Barra, was the former vice president of Google and key player in the development of the Android operating system, so it is not surprising that the devices of this startup have a own OS called Miui and is based on Android itself.Digital
  2. Uber: The controversial alternative transportation startup was founded in 2009 and today is valued at 41,200 million. Google invested a large sum of money in this company, although now that their collaboration is over, can the giant launched a very similar to Uber order to provide service to its customers and consistent development of vehicles app without driver.
  3. Palantir: The startup which was funded at the beginning by the CIA and now estimates its value at 15,000 million. Dedicated to the development of analysis software takes its name from the area with the same name created by J. R. R. Tolkien.
  4. SpaceX: Founded in 2002 and currently valued at 12.000 billion dollars, it is responsible for business travel to the space station. The founder of this aerospace startup, Elon Musk, has already reported that in 2018 it intends to begin the colonization of Mars the Red Planet sending a group of pioneers to begin a settlement.
  5. Airbnb: The world-renowned company private rental accommodation, has a value of 10,000 million. This startup is a clear example of crisis management reputation, since in 2011 he began recording incidents in the homes of the hosts that led them to change their policy performance and develop a plan of guarantees in the face of theft or possible damage accommodation.
  6. Dropbox: Valued at 10,000 million and responsible for mass storage of files in the cloud, was one of those involved in the scandal of secret surveillance documents carried out by the United States and filtered by Edward Snowden.
  7. Snapchat: Its value is 10,000 million dollars and became popular because of the numerous leaks of personal photos and videos of college in the United States, since the messages sent from this app self-destruct. Currently it has a service that allows sending money.
  8.  Flipkart: With the same value as the previous two, this Indian startup founded in 2007 provides both e-books as sanitary appliances and household.
  9.  Theranos: The company is valued at 9,000 million dollars and dedicates its activity to develop new methods of medical analysis. In the beginning, they were extremely suspicious to the public even to bring claims against former employees for violation of confidentiality, but that trend was altered to such an extent that its founder Elizabeth Holmes, was named one of the “30 under 30” Inc. magazine
  10.  Square: the company founded by Jack Dorsey of Twitter, has a value of 9,000 million and entered strongly thanks to its new system of payment via email, revolutionizing online payment methods.

These are the 10 most powerful startups of the moment, but with the speed of this world, maybe in a few months the positions or the names have changed. If you have or are you considering starting a digital feat, remember that all these companies started also being a seed and now are true oaks, yours can also be a great project.


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