Marketing Omnichannel This Is Your Chance 2016

Marketing Omnichannel

Marketing Omnichannel

Marketing Strategy omnichannel is one of the major trends in e-commerce for the year 2016

Omnichannel strategies and marketing are focused on the consumer, intended to provide a continuous brand experience customer, regardless of the channel they use and also the experience is fully integrated and consistent with the brand values.

We can always find an example in big brands like Nike and Apple have managed to enter fully into the daily life of millions of people, establishing multiple links through various experiences but always keeping the same essence and brand consistency. Either through its own stores (Retail), distributors (B2B) or via the Channel Online.

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With the addition of Channel Online and especially electronic commerce we have experienced an evolution that is revolutionizing the way we relate and interact with brands. We have gone from a traditional market system, defined by the one-way relationship “user-trade” a rich and complex and multidirectional Omnichannel system in which firms must incorporate new methodologies and strategies to meet new challenges.

So they work omnichannel brand strategies

Strategies Omni Channel are designed to generate buying opportunities across multiple channels with the ultimate aim to generate sales, so there is no competition between the different channels and that they all are linked synergistically to achieve improved global sales and experience the client’s. Take, for example, the case of Apple, and our goal is to sell a Smartphone device. The whole process has to breathe brand, from the convention itself where we announced the launch of the new product, the relationship with the media, to the experience that the customer on our website, where we offer the possibility of online buying and multiple options more .

App Store Omnichannel

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In Apple’s case we see clearly how the strategy invites the customer to buy through different sales channels is deployed, it is what we call the omnichannel strategy. With it, we managed to integrate under one goal all our channels. The challenge is to get fit for a company with fewer resources and even fewer channels available the appropriate strategy Omni Channel.

The omnichannel offers a complete and multidimensional experience the user mark

In the sales process omnichannel there are different situations and involved multiple factors, but the most important thing is to build a good strategic plan and follow it consistently. If the goals are realistic and everything is properly aligned, you will get the results we propose.

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In conclusion, the omnichannel offers companies multiple opportunities not to miss, since they involve clear improvements to the user experience and interaction with the brand. At the end of the day, it comes to offering improvements and facilities, especially designed for maximum customer satisfaction.

What do you expect to start defining your omnichannel strategy?


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