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Pinterest Marketing Strategy

7 Reasons Why Pinterest Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2022

Pinterest is a powerful tool for generating new traffic and leads. It’s a place where people find great products, inspiration, and solutions to needs. Brands and businesses can connect with their customers organically on...
Graphic Design

How Graphic Design Boosts Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing and graphic design go hand in hand. If you want your marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to look exciting and intrigue people. This is where graphic design comes into play. At...
E-commerce Marketing Trends And Statistics to Watch Out In 2018

E-commerce Marketing Trends And Statistics to Watch Out In 2018 Infographic

Today, total 3.5 billion people uses internet worldwide, out of which 1.4 billion users consider online shopping which gives immense opportunity to e-commerce marketers to tap this potential market and also attract the remaining...
House batllo

When marketing and culture go hand in hand

Doing a simple Internet search under the term marketing all seems to be focused from a rather cold and distant point but this is not so, much less. On the one hand it is...
Design Thinking

Product design is also important!

Marketing professionals usually focus more on the communication part than on the product side. Although one of the first things that we must assume for the success of a company is to have a...
Social Listening

Why Use Social Listening To Influence Your Marketing Strategy?

We know that in the digital age social media is becoming stronger as a source of information and recommendation of products and services. Some of the benefits of implementing effective marketing strategies influence is...
Marketing Omnichannel

Marketing Omnichannel This Is Your Chance 2016

Marketing Strategy omnichannel is one of the major trends in e-commerce for the year 2016 Omnichannel strategies and marketing are focused on the consumer, intended to provide a continuous brand experience customer, regardless of...