Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Be An Influencer



Today an influencer is a person whose profession convey a particular subject, a number of users that follow. This profession has shone in the online world because of the huge presence that this has generated through time.

When we choose to be influencer must take into account various elements that we support to achieve the goals we want as Personal Brand, and to become communication entity for a brand.

The influencers are becoming the main communication channels for companies because, consumers are looking for confidence, credibility and honesty. So many brands choose to use this professional social networking sites to market their products.

For brands, to carry out this new form of advertising is a way to get more visibility, so if you want to become a good influencer, we show some mistakes to avoid.

No answer emails

Being influencer is a profession for many’re usually fun, but for the person who performs often restate, however, despite all the work you have, answer emails should not be forgotten, remember that this is one of the mainstream media that the brand will set up to answer questions, and it is important that you be expecting.

Not establish a line of communication

This point is tied to the above, it is important to establish the brand that hires you, through means of communication which will be in contact.

Not be flexible

Many influencer believe that only by being famous and having a lot of followers, their prices or services can not be changed, it is good to be clear that there are times we have to include elements of our proposal to support our personal brand.

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Not being honest

This is an important factor, we know that opportunities can not be missed, but we can not promise the customer something that we can not fulfill. Not to mention that if, things that do not really have the conditions to do.

Do not question

It is important that when you meet with the brand, do all necessary to be clear that we must convey brand questions, even important, request a briefing to be clear about the objectives of the brand.

Do not become div @ s

Just because you’re an expert or thought leader in your community, does not mean that you believe better than others in your area, often you think the brand will not find anyone to do the same as you. This is a mistake, because social networks exist much competition with your same prices and perhaps as many followers.

If you do not make these mentioned mistakes, I promise it will be an influencer of success and achieved it that makes you worship.


Devendra Singh

Director, Content Strategy at Digital Marketing Trends. I develop, evaluate, and improve the company's content strategies. Providing a big online presence for SMEs and StartUps.