Neuromarketing for business online: how to increase the revenue of your e-commerce

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Neuromarketing Ecommerce

Neuromarketing Ecommerce

SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Copywriting … the world of Digital Marketing is full of different areas that, properly managed, can take your business to the cusp of success. One of the less well-known areas, which, unfortunately, is less often included in the digital strategy of companies, is neuromarketing.

If you are interested in how neuromarketing can influence the consumer brain and help your business improve its sales percentage, read on. 

What exactly is neuromarketing?

What exactly is neuromarketing? Click To Tweet

Saul Ameliach Consultant in new technologies is one of the bloggers who best defines the solid technological structure that revolves around the world of Neuromarketing and Digital Marketing. And the very definition of neuromarketing makes clear that it is a matter of applying a set of neuroscience research techniques to traditional marketing.

Basically, it is about measuring the brain activity of consumers online through the responses it generates to a series of stimuli such as advertisements, a web design, a color, an image or a video, among many other things.

In this way, it is possible to reveal the capacity of attention of potential consumers to a particular traditional marketing area and thus make decisions that can improve the potential of that area. For example, it is possible to improve the web design of a company’s page or to focus the attention of the viewer on the television ad that has been broadcast months without good results.

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Now think for a moment about ads you pay on the Internet: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords … Do you realize how neuromarketing can help improve your digital strategy and capture the attention of your target?

Well there are already many marketing professionals who have decided to train and start paying attention to this neuromarketing. In fact, when one starts to investigate, the first thing to note is the list of neuroscience techniques commonly used in neuromarketing, the main ones being: encelography (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), magnetoencephalography ) Or positron emission tomography (PET).

In Saul Ameliach’s Blog you can get more information about all of them and the correlation between technology and marketing and how neuromarketing can become your best ally to attack the broad digital market.

Thanks to the contents of this popular blogger, who spends the day talking about Digital marketing, it is possible to learn how to improve digital strategies thanks to information technologies. There are already many Spanish companies that have spent time working in this field, such as Loggicc, Neurobiomarketing or BitBrain Technologies, among others. Now you can take advantage of your work to begin adapting your digital strategy to all these results from previous brain analysis.

For example, it is interesting to study the perception of colors in the consumer’s brain (color neuromarketing). Thus, red raises the heart rate and invites action, hence brands such as Coca Cola, Mc Donalds or Telepizza incorporate it into their logos. The blue reminds of the sky and freedom, generating a sense of well-being and reflection, hence companies such as Facebook or Twitter use it as the main color. And so a long etcetera with all the colors.

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Other Areas of Digital Marketing to Work 

If to all the information obtained from the neuromarketing you add the work of other areas of Digital Marketing it is possible that you are able to increase the sales of your online store. It is only a matter of time before the user who clicks on your result and reaches your website is able to perceive what is behind your brand, product or service and realize that it is really what you were looking for.

In this sense, it is essential to have an appropriate color that represents your brand, your values and your business. If you sell flowers you can not have a website with black background and if you have a health business you can not use red or yellow because it will not leave good feelings. And the same thing happens with web design, which should be both user-friendly and intuitive.

If all of this combines it with a SEO positioning web-site work and combines it with a persuasive copywriting that goes straight to “ordering” the consumer’s brain what to do, how, where and why, then your success Online business is just around the corner.

Now you know what neuromarketing is and how it can positively influence your online business, what do you hope to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy? 


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