Promoted Moments: The New Advertising Platform Twitter

New Advertising Platform Twitter

New Advertising Platform Twitter

Twitter has begun to show results Moments, its new advertising platform

Just two weeks later after the official release of Moments, a new tab that allows Twitter users to follow certain outstanding events without having to follow a reverse timeline because the contents are exposed so selected so that users can be day through tweets, photos and videos, the popular social network of blue bird began to deploy for your functionality.

However, it is still functionality through its trial period (beta) and for the moment only available in the US. UU.

The new ad format Twitter is in its initial test phase in order to experiment with specific brands in the United States. The functionality is known by the name Promoted Moments in Spanish would be something like “Featured Moments”.

According to a Twitter post hung directly on its official blog, acceptance and performance of Promoted Moments is having a very positive reception, why are looking to monetize this new form of narrative in its popular social network.

Like as with other promotional products Twitter as Promoted Tweets (Tuits promoted) or Trends Promoted (Promoted Trends), the Trends Promoted offer very similar to other moments appearance, although indicated explicitly that this is a Promoted Trend whenever the specific identification is displayed. Also they are signed by a mark to change the source from which that specific content.

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The first Promoted Moment was revealed to the public in Twitter was the film corresponding to the Creed.
Moments presence will expand to other countries and new brands will be chosen for that take advantage of its benefits

According to indicated by Twitter itself, in the course of the next months will go by choosing brands of different segments so they can start advertising on the new platform monetization and thus experience the benefits of it.

At the same time, the presence of Promoted Moments will expand to reach more and more users around the globe since as mentioned above, the service, at least in beta, or test, has only been available in the United States exclusively.


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