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Eye Irritated PC

Eye Irritated PC

If for your work, school or any other activity, you have to be all day in front of the PC, you are probably familiar with the sensation of irritated eyes, tired and blurred vision, even headache. All these symptoms are known as “eye strain” or computer vision syndrome.

Only 2 hours in front of the computer to start to feel the symptoms

This condition is known to currently affect more than 60% of Americans, which means that globally the number of people affected is considerable. Nor is it taking too long to start experiencing the symptoms of eye fatigue. In fact with only two hours of being in front of the PC screen, a person can begin to suffer the damage. 

And perhaps many think that hardly anyone can stay so long in front of the computer, however it is actually incredibly simple to reach that amount of time when using the computer, smartphones, tablets and other devices that use screens.

What can you do to protect your eyes when you are in front of the PC?

What can you do to protect your eyes when you are in front of the PC? Share on X

Fortunately there are several things that can be done to minimize discomfort as well as potential damage from staring at the PC screen or any other glowing device.

Expand the text

When you stare at a small text, you tend to do strabismus and put your face closer to the screen. This leads to fatigue and headaches. Therefore it is recommended to extend the text as well as the color contrast so that the textual content can be read more easily and comfortably.


When you look at the screen you forget to blink completely, which causes your eyes to dry. Although difficult to remember, it is important to try to blink from time to time or in your case to use a few eye drops in such a way as to prevent them from drying out too much.

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Adjust brightness

The intense brightness of the screen can cause visual fatigue as well as headaches. Therefore you should make sure to adjust the brightness of the monitor to avoid reflections on the screen or even consider the possibility of using an anti-glare film.

Rule 20-20-20

Basically means that after 20 minutes of work, you should take a break of 20 seconds and look at something 20 feet away (6 meters). The reason for this rule is that our eyes have muscles that allow them to move and focus on different objects. But when you look at the PC screen at the same distance for several hours, those muscles experience difficulty adjusting the view when we move again. 


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