Are You Ready To Be A Digital Citizen?

Digital Citizen

Digital Citizen

Digitization is going to affect our environment Are you ready?

Estonia is the seat of the management of international residence, currently the leader of the D5, which is the name as it is known to the group of most advanced countries in the world digitally. Most of all countries, including the United States, South Korea, Israel and New Zealand, is that eventually, all citizens prefer to use digital services instead of services where paper documents are used.

The reason for this would have to see, among other things, reducing time and costs of delivery. Regarded as the leading digital democracy, as it was the first country in the world to hold online elections in Estonia, every citizen over 15 years now must have a business relationship with an identification code personality that serves for all of the paperwork and online interactions with government.

Since January 2015, and 1.2 million active cards had, which represents almost 100% of the population, while it is now available to anyone anywhere since the summer of Estonia, the possibility of registering as a citizen digital so you can make use of its streamlined services.

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Since the default digital agenda was launched in 2012, the digital service UK government has already absorbed some 250 different websites of government and has focused on a single portal The only site users have grown from 2 million to 12 million visitors in the three years since the UK took more seriously the issue of digital democracy, however this figure actually represents only a little more than one six people.

The United States has also launched its global strategy of Digital Government in 2012 and now have their own agenda of digital literacy, although it does not belong to the D5 nations. We must also say that Internet penetration, however, cities like Philadelphia is well advanced in the field of digitization.

Probably its size compared to the five major digital democracies in the world, besides the interaction between state and federal legislators, simply makes it more difficult to implement this system. What is a fact is that the D5, and other organizations are working to ensure that there is a perfect interaction with the government.


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