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Internet: How to make the most of the online world of 2017

One of the realities that we can not deny today is that the advancement of technology is evident in almost every aspect of our life, having flooded this completely in a really short period...
Raul Garcia Serapio

Use Geolocation And Indoor Location To Attract Customers To Your Business

Many times we believe that digital marketing is online only, and this is not true. Digital marketing is based on enhancing the business throughout the digital world but this is not connected to the...
Work from Home

Work From Home Will Make You A Happier Person

In the classical world to work from home it was related to making any kind of craft or crafts. Today, thanks to the digital age this has changed radically. People who are currently working...
Digital Citizen

Are You Ready To Be A Digital Citizen?

Digitization is going to affect our environment Are you ready? Estonia is the seat of the management of international residence, currently the leader of the D5, which is the name as it is known...