Search Ads Will Be Overcome By Display Ads In 2016

Display Ads

Display Ads

Search ads are directly dependent on the interaction of users with the search engine for ads to run

The consumer must provide cooperation for search ads are really successful, in other words, you must run a specific action is to use the search engine for the respective announcement is activated. Although the number of searches is not always proportional to the investment in search ads, it is not difficult to see how influence SEM spending.

While the search volume showed an exponential growth year after year until 2009, that growth has been gradually declining. This does not mean that today’s search engines are used less frequently, simply that if there was a 50% increase year after year, currently in the course of the first decade of the present century has stabilized at 10%.
Therefore, it is only logical that the increase in investment has suffered a reduction in equal measure, also showing an increase of 10% year after year.

As for display ads, also it has been seen more supply, in fact, at the time of these advertisements there is a large inventory. With the increased use of the internet also they increased considerably websites, and therefore the space for advertising or publicity.

In other words, while search ads there at the peak three partners who purchase ads, display ads have a huge range, plus many people interested in selling them. The annual evolution, translated into a 20% investment in display ads, represents only a small portion of the growth of advertising spaces available. This means that buying opportunities for those interested while there are more ads for sale, will be higher.

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More than 10 years ago the operation of digital signage was poor and intermediaries a large percentage of the profits brought

On the other hand, the use of networks display has been more sophisticated, more than 10 years, the advertising market and digital ads have a much poorer operation now since intermediaries percentage gain really high they took and with almost no control over the actual prints, which gave rise to fraud clicks.

Search and Display ads

However, these problems have been mitigated gradually, so the marketers have found a new space in which they can make their investments with greater confidence than before.


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