SEO Marketing Strategy: The Importance of SEO in Effective Functioning of a Website

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SEO Marketing Strategy

The face of any business in the modern Internet driven world is its website. Most business parameters including sales and marketing, conversion, profitability, product launches and brand awareness depend a lot on the degree to which a website is optimised. 

The present boom in usage of smart phones and other Internet enabled devices have resulted in customers making a purchase decision only after researching the Internet for similar industry related products.

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A business whose website is not high in rankings on results pages of major search engines will thereby lose out on sales opportunities. Ensuring enhanced online presence and visibility of a website is the primary goal of SEO and hence no site is complete without it.

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A very effective SEO strategy devised and designed by a professional digital marketing company can help a website achieve a very strong presence on the Internet. Existing and potential customers can then immediately find what they are looking for. The higher the rankings on search results more will be the traffic diverted to it thereby increasing the rate of conversion and sales.

SEO Marketing Strategy

Justgoweb Digital- Digital Marketing Agency and SEO agencies have literally turned the concept of traditional marketing methods on its head and are now solely concentrating on optimised online digital marketing strategies to make a specific website stand out from the pack in terms of online visibility and reach.

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Now that it is shown that a website needs to be taken through SEO for business growth and development, the details of the SEO process can be studied in some detail –

  • Knowing market conditions and competitors strength – SEO starts with understanding the behavioural patterns of those who are searching for similar products online. It is done through research and analysing information collected through data analytics using specialised SEO tools. A study is also done on the aspects that have made the competitors successful. All factors such as on page and off page techniques are implemented and these form an integral part of the overall SEO policy being structured.

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  • Selecting the right keywords – This is perhaps the most crucial side of any SEO strategy devised by online marketing agencies. Keywords are what a potential customer will type on search engine pages to look for specific products and services related to the industry and on this depends the search engine results. The keywords so finalised by using specialised tools and techniques are then incorporated into the website along with unique web content. This brings in more visitors to the site who will then be aware of the nature of business.
  • Devising local SEO campaign – Parallel to conventional SEO strategies, local organic SEO services have a big role to play too in increasing the effectiveness of a website. The purpose behind local SEO campaigns is to have a higher organic search visibility for searches with a local and limited orientation. Looking for doctors, auto repair workshops or plumbers in a particular location are examples of local searches. In simple terms, a local SEO campaign is more focussed on marketing to customers in a specific location and is ideal for businesses with limited area of operations.
  • Increasing visibility on social media platforms – High levels of publicity is possible if businesses increase their presence on social media platforms. This is done through lead generation on social media which is then transformed into increased market share. SEO Services today rely heavily on social media marketing to increase search engine rankings.
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It is therefore seen that any website per se has no tangible effect on search engine rankings without being optimised through best SEO practices. A website loses its relevance for a business without being highly visible on the Internet.


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