Social Tinder, A New Way To Plan Your Night!

Tinder Social

Tinder Social

Tinder initially was conceived as an application to link that has possibly evolved into an application that allows you to plan now what you do at night.

What is Social Tinder?

Social Tinder is a new feature that incorporates the application through which users can create groups of friends with the sole purpose of making plans.

Once a group is created, it is also possible to establish a state for that group, selecting from a wide range of suggested activities by the application itself.

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It is worth mentioning that the function was first available for users in Australia, where according to developers, information related to the way people were looking for a better way to plan your night out with friends was obtained.

For the official launch of Social Tinder a number of modifications that can offer a better experience performed in real time. That is, people can see who will come out tonight, what they are doing and basically plan what to do over night.

This way, if someone wants to party, you can invite your friends to join your group, can even interact with other groups around who are also planning to leave poe night.

With Social Tinder users can now see where you are going, make a plan or simply knowing where people are going, meet and have fun. The interesting new feature is that at noon the next day, the group expires and all data disappear. It is also important to say that to use Social Tinder, the user must first unlock the function.

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Once it does, you can check which of your friends have also unlocked the Tinder. From this point you can invite friends to go out and plan what they will do during the night.

Another interesting thing that has come to know about this new feature, is that many users are using it to explore their sexual fantasies.

Although this is something that has only been reported in some users, there is no doubt that the new feature will have applications that go beyond agreeing to attend concerts or special events or just going out for tapas with friends. The new feature can be turned into a way to facilitate connections between people.

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