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Digital transformation the need of the hour for business transformation

Why is the Digital Transformation the need of the hour for Business Transformation?

‘Evolve or Die’. Sounds familiar to you? Definitely not a cliché when you consider that most enterprises, organizations, small businesses and even startups have joined the bandwagon of digital disruption.  More than the question...
Raul Garcia Serapio

Use Geolocation And Indoor Location To Attract Customers To Your Business

Many times we believe that digital marketing is online only, and this is not true. Digital marketing is based on enhancing the business throughout the digital world but this is not connected to the...
Good Strategy

Increase Productivity With A Good Leads Qualifying Strategy

According to the report by MarketingSherpa 61%  B2B marketing sends all its leads directly not rated sales department and usually only 27% of them will be qualified leads. If you do not want this...